Amalia Vincze

Property Investment Coach Melbourne

Why I like my job: Giving back the knowledge and experience and usable tools and skills I have learned over the years.

Qualifications offical: Real Estate Agent Rep., Adv Dip Network Eng. CISCO cert Eng. MCSE, Dip Marketing and Advertising, NLP Master Practitioner, Ericsonian Hypnotherapist, Dip Makeup SFX PakeUp.

Life qualifications: Independent Parent, Property Expert, Greyhound Humom, Adventurer.

Past Life Qualifications: Agricultural Insurance Underwriting across AU & NZ and Digital Cartography and Geovisualization professional, Celebrity MakeUp artist and Special Effects artist, Level 1 Tiler, Plumber, Concreter Bricky and Pro Painter and Landscaper after renovating 8 properties with my dad 🙂 Played the Cello and a Certified Conductor.

Interests: Energy Healing, Self development, Trail Running, MotorBikes and Animal Rescue (all creatures great and small 🙂 ).

Hidden talents: Conducting and orchestra. Started learning conducting at the age of 13 youngest student at the Music Academy.

Special Coaching Skill: Thin Slicing and Reading into the unsaid micro expressions to uncover what is stopping one moving forward.

Time with PRE: Full 5 Years.

Number Properties you own and where: After recent divorce One very good one 🙂 but will be Re-building my Empire in short period.

How long you have been investing in real estate: Alone 7 years, with my parents forever.

Best deal: Mount Druitt 2 bed unit, cheapest deal to get into and highest % of profit in the shortest period of time when it was sold.

Worst deal: WaggaWagga, NSW – Spent a small fortune in reno, was vacant for total of 10 months but at the end sold for a tiny profit.

Biggest lesson: Always buy the best location and best property in that location that you can afford.

Passionate About: Biggest passion is to Help People move forward in their life investing and personal growth!!!

Favourite Saying: Your attitude is contagious make sure you are infecting others only with Positivity!!!!

Favorite Movie: SHERPA Trouble on Everest – it has inspired me to do Everest basecamp this year October ! Does anyone else would like to tag along?! 🙂

Favourite Colour: White and Black.

Favourite Book: Across the Nightingale Floor by Lean Hearn- Inspired my passion for the Japanese culture and my Japan travels.

Favourite Holiday Location: Japan that I’ve been to but looking forward to Egypt soon soon.