Fabien Pataud

Property Investment Coach

Fabien has been investing in real estate within Australia for 6 years. He brings his own unique coaching style and experience to Positive thanks to his vast experience working within the Residential Real Estate Sector and for Australian Entrepreneur, Kerwin Rae.

Fabien’s passion for people, property and coaching has seen him help clients overcome adversity and achieve financial goals on their path to wealth creation. He strongly believes that education combined with psychology and action leads people on the path to success.

Fabien is a big believer in saying “yes” to opportunities when they present themselves. His favourite saving is “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. 

Why I like my job: 

I love people and property. I have always loved working with people in helping them put together a plan that will allow them to live life on their terms. I think education and action combined is what helps people succeed being a Property Investment Coach allows me to help others do just that! 

Professional qualifications: 

Victorian Agents Rep License

Cert 4 in Finance & Brokering 

Cert 4 Electrical/Mechanical

Internationally Certified NLP Master Practitioner 

Internationally Certified Coaching Mastery Certified

Completed various Business Mentoring Programs (to the value of 100k)

Life qualifications: – 

  • Husband of 6 years with 2 beautiful boys
  • Travelled over 30 countries 
  • Climbed Mount Everest Base Camp
  • Completed sprint triathlons 
  • Bungee jumped 2nd highest bridge in world 
  • Skydived over glaciers in New Zealand 
  • Professional Investor: real estate, property development and shares 
  • Sold over 300 million in property over 5 years
  • Won most profitable Real Estate Office out of 200 offices in australasia
  • Won gold badge award status in residential property – over 1 million in commission per annum
  • Helped a company finish in the fastest growing companies in Australia according to the AFR

Interests: Sports, reading, researching, hiking, triathlons, psychology and philosophy.  

Hidden talents: I’m in top 1% in Australia for perceptiveness, I am very good at reading and understanding people which makes me a great Coach!

Special Coaching skill: Listening and understanding people at a deep level – combined with practical skills like NLP master practitioner, communication/leadership  coach, presenting .

Time with PRE: I joined the Team at PRE in 2020. 

Number properties you own and where: 2 properties currently – Clayton and North Dandenong VIC with future plans to expand my portfolio!

How long you have been investing in real estate:  Since 2014

Best deal: Clayton VIC – Purchase price of 550k currently valued at 800k.

Worst deal: None yet – fingers crossed! (maybe my joint venture development… I guess i’ll find out in a few months time upon completion).

Biggest lesson: Thinking i knew it all and making big decisions without the right plan and strategies in place.

Passionate about: Life and living it to the fullest, human potential and development. 

Favourite saying: “If you always do what you always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Favorite movie: Friday

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite book: Leading an Inspired Life by Jim Rohn

Favourite holiday location: Europe