Karen Chavez

Property Investment Coach

Investing in property for over 17 years, Karen has used multiple investment strategies to date to build a positive cash flow, multi-million dollar portfolio, learning lessons the hard way early on! Today Karen has transacted on 10 properties, across 3 different states, employing the strategies taught by Positive Real Estate during her time as a client, then a coach. Karen has worked with Positive Real Estate for over 5 years in total.

With a MBA specialising in Finance and credentials in property investing and financial planning, Karen believes the numbers tell the story and teaches clients how to understand the numbers they use to make decisions.

Karen and her husband have turned around their personal situation, are in a position to retire by the age of 55, and are also creating a legacy with their children.

Fun Facts

Why I like my job: I love to see what people can achieve when they commit to their goals. I believe we can make a real difference to the world when we look our own financial security for the future. As a society, the more people who are truly self sufficient and have choices in their life, the better our world will be.

Qualifications official: Master of Business Administration with a Finance specialisation, Cert IV in Mortgage Broking.

Life qualifications: Worked in corporate for many years, struggled through as a single parent and bought my own home, live and breath what I teach others.

Past Life Qualifications: Scout leader.

Interests: Camping, skiing, travel, adventure, my family, working through my numbers and goals, teaching kids about life.

Hidden talents: reading a topographic map.

Special Coaching Skill: Understanding the link between goals and property, how the numbers really work, budgeting.

Time with PRE: 2.5 years as a coach, 2 years as a client.

Number Properties you own and where: 4 - Sydney, Central Coast NSW, Newcastle, Brisbane, plus 3 off the plan - 2 in Melbourne, 1 Central Coast NSW.

How long you have been investing in real estate: 16 years.

Best deal: Central Coast property, provides 5.7% yield plus $100K in equity in 2 years.

Worst deal: Brisbane H&L - wasn't a PRE deal, not a great area, not a great property.

Biggest lesson: know your numbers, we sold our first 2 investments in 2004 and 2005 because we didn't understand the numbers and our accountant's advice was incorrect.

Passionate About: Being a part of a team that helps people achieve their goals, both at work and at home.

How many PRE properties do you own: 1, plus 2 off the plan.

Favourite Saying: It's my life.

Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia.

Favourite Colour: Purple.

Favourite Book: Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

Favourite Holiday Location: Anything with a beach.


Credit Representative: 479253