Keshav Mehra

Property Investment Coach

Keshav Mehra has been investing in real estate in Australia for 8 years, having bought his first property at age 21.  During that time Keshav has successfully completed his Bachelor of Commerce Accounting and a Master’s in finance (investment banking), all whilst helping others purchase their homes as a licensed real estate agent.

Keshav brings his own unique coaching style to Positive thanks to many year’s experience in the residential real estate industry and innovative property strategies that are tailored to his clients.

In his spare time, Keshav loves to spend his time doing track days, walking his dogs with his partner, understanding new innovative technology, behavioral economics and staying up to date with the financial markets. 

Keshav believes that getting a great result from investing should not be complicated or daunting when you have the right team and information behind you. He now is successfully coaching clients in two states and is a crucial member of the Positive coaching team.

Why I like my job: This job forces me to think outside the box. The constant learning and the support of a great team gives me the ability to pass on my knowledge and help people succeed in their property journey.

Qualifications official: (Accounting), MFin (Investment Banking), NSW Real Estate Agent License 20221782.

Interests: Technology, Behaviour Economics, Automotive, Food, and Real estate and yes I love to dance.

Hidden Talents: Amazing Chef, Dancer and can figure out how to use technology without a manual, no matter how complicated.

Special Coaching Skill: Actively investing, experienced real estate agent, strong negotiation and purchasing skills and loves people.

How long you have been investing in real estate: 8 Years.

Biggest lesson: Investors need to to understand property investing is a balancing act between equity and cash flow. Historically, people have bought the property when interest rates were 17% and above, and NOW we have some of the lowest interest rates available, so there is no better time to buy your first investment property in this market. Be sure to make informed decisions and keep your finances squeaky clean so you are always in a position to service.

Passionate About: Living a fulfilling life, my wonderful wife to be, and my two beautiful Labradors.

Favorite Saying: Stop staring at the tree and look at the whole forest!

Favorite Movie: The Big Short.

Favorite Colour: White.

Favorite Book: Rich dad poor dad, The richest man in Babylon, The art of War, Subtle art of not giving a f*uck.

Favorite Holiday Location: Anywhere with water, sand, warm temperatures, and amazing food.