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What’s the most valuable lesson we’ve learned from helping over 6,000+ investors??

If Your Equity Gets Stuck In A Deal,You Get Stuck In A Deal.

It’s That Simple.


Knowing how to recycle your equity out of a deal in the shortest time possible and then almost automatically rolling it through deal, after deal, after deal, is THE KEY to creating a significant property portfolio. It’s also essential to giving you absolute certainty about the next move you should make as an investor.

Come and learn all the details of our “1 Day Property Game Workshop” at this FREE full day workshop.

It’s Not Luck… It’s Strategy.

We’re dedicating a whole day to this subject. Yes that’s an actual full day for people serious about taking a step forward and learning this skill set. This isn’t an “info session”. We’re starting at 8:30am and finishing at 5pm, a real day of working on your skills, for people serious about creating wealth with real estate.

IMPORTANT: You need to find a way to get there if you want this knowledge.

Book your seat now and walk away from this day knowing the secret to creating equity fast.


What’s The Trick We Use To Shorten Your Learning Curve And Teach You How To Apply The “Make Equity Fast Blueprint”.


Have you ever played Monopoly or Cashflow? The problem with these games is that, they aren’t based on real life. They are great in theory, but not so great in teaching you practical, “real world” skills and strategies that you can actually apply after you finish the game.

We have created our own game from over 20 years experience as Property Investors that solves this problem.

In The Property Game we use:

  • real world properties
  • real world returns
  • real world growth
  • real world market conditions
  • real world data
  • real world risk
  • real money motivation (the winner gets a $1,000 cash prize!! That should help to keep you seriously motivated)

This is the perfect place to test out and try your newly acquired Make Equity Fast Blueprint skills and experience them in action with real properties… without risking a single cent of your hard earned money.

If you’re going to make a mistake it’s going to be on your first few deals. We help you make these decision making mistakes in the game, not out in the real world where it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or years and years of your time.

This is your chance to shorten the learning curve without increasing the risk (which will happen if you tried doing this alone out in the real world). You get to squeeze a decade of experience into one day.

This is your chance to shorten the learning curve without increasing the ‘real-world’ risk. You get to squeeze a decade of experience into one day. Best of all, you’re not stuck doing it on your own.

You have our experienced investors right there with you so you can ask them questions before you make your investment decisions. It’s the perfect learning environment.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, 13th April

Check-in: 8.00am for 8:30am start

Venue: Kirribilli Club
11 Harbourview Crescent
Lavender Bay, Sydney NSW 2060

End Time: 5.00pm with an opportunity to mingle with Team Positive at the end

What to Bring: Pencil & eraser, calculator, warm jacket (incase the room gets too
chilly!), comfortable shoes & clothes, gold coins for the Tax Man (all money raised in fines will be donated to Room to Read) and a sense of humour!

This year tickets are free but you have to REGISTER! Enrol your friends and families for no cost. With the event capped at only 100 seats on offer we suggest you book your seat ASAP as these seats will go quickly! Once we are full… we are full!

Come along and learn…

✔️ The secret to why 99% of investors fail and only 1% succeed

✔️ How to create “manufactured equity” so you have more equity when you need it

✔️ The ways in which property can help reduce your tax, and allow you to get more money back from your payslip each week

✔️ How to remove the uncertainty and fear that regular investors experience through using hard facts to make informed confident investing decisions

✔️ How to structure your daily finances so that you can actually being paying your home loan down quicker- and pay it off in under 15 years.

✔️ The 5 ways to create equity (learn more about this below)

Please understand this is a FULL day of training. We’re starting at 8:30am and we won’t be finishing up until 5:00pm. No cutting corners, no holding back “the secret sauce”, you get everything we can squeeze into one day.


Here’s What We’ll Cover On The Day

Session 1

This session is all about removing uncertainty and fear from investing. How do you eliminate the “mumbo-jumbo” you’ve heard about property investing and start using REAL data, REAL research and REAL information to make informed investment decisions and lower your risks.

We start with helping you accurately understand where you are right now, exactly where you want to get to financially… and just so you know “I want to buy a property” is not a plan.

Once when you know where you want to end up we help you work out the steps you need to take to get to your desired financial goals in the shortest time possible. Everyone we speak to always has a huge hole in their plan that they don’t see coming. We’ll give you THE QUESTION that’ll help you avoid this train smash in your future.


How Are You Going To Create Equity FAST?

We’ll teach you the 5 ways to create equity.

  1. How to buy property at a discount
  2. How to add value through strategic improvement
  3. How and when to use high cash flow properties
  4. Passive equity creation in hot markets
  5. Active equity creation so you can create equity when you need it and not be reliant on the market

We’ll also look at some “non-strategies”. These are approaches to investing that aren’t actually a strategy but inexperienced investors believe is a strategy … and therefore make obvious mistakes because they are following a fatally-flawed plan.


Things like:

  • Negative gearing
  • Buy and Hold… or more accurately “buy, hold and pray”
  • Positive cash flow. People get fixated on “it covers it’s costs” and make dumb decisions as a result. We’ll show you how a property covering it’s costs can be secretly costing you money
  • Off-the-plan – if you think this seem “simple enough”… you’re in for a surprise
  • Buying in a market “I know”… rather than buying in the best market. This is a typical rookie mistake

You’ll also understand what we call The Property Staircase. This simple tool will show you how the property markets have worked in Australia time and time and time again and how to use this pattern to your advantage.

You’ll clearly understand when you want to be buying and when you want to be selling.

Warning: these are the most emotionally difficult times to do it too.

Creating equity is THE most important thing you do as a property investor.

We’ll introduce you to the tension between recycling your equity and taking profits. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each so you know how to make an informed, educated decision.

We’ll also do a macro-to-micro analysis of the property market and how this helps you achieve your ultimate goal. We look at what’s happening…

  • in Australia
  • in certain states
  • in certain cities
  • which suburbs within those cities to look at and
  • even looking at the property type you should be investing in.

The latest demographic information and current housing trends tells us a LOT about how we need to be investing for maximum profit as we look into the future of the Australian housing market. Understanding the “hipster” movement is critical to getting this right.


Inexperienced Investors Make The Mistake Of Thinking That It’s All About Property

If you think that property investing is all about choosing the right property… you’re already heading down the wrong pathway.

Finance is the key to property success and this is one of the most common mistakes we need to fix for investors before they can get going again. In many cases for our clients, undoing the mess they made of their finance at the beginning of their journey is limiting their future opportunities to buy more real estate.

If you don’t understand finance strategy it’s simply a matter of time until you get yourself stuck.
We have a whole session on finance from an expert who specialises in multi-property investment portfolios. This isn’t “Joe the mortgage broker” from around the corner either. Those guys are great at doing 1 or perhaps 2 properties. We’re talking your home and possibly one investment property or even a holiday home. But it takes a very specialised skill set to structure the finance for several property investments.


In our finance session we’ll cover…

  • What is a finance strategy… and why it’s critical to success as a property investor.
  • Why chasing the lowest interest rate is often a mistake
  • Why going to the lender who’ll lend you the most money can actually cost you money
  • Why the order in which you use lenders is critical
  • Why LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) is potentially your best friend and not just an “expense”
  • When paying down the principal on your family home can actually hurt your financial freedom
  • What the difference is between your servicing capacity and your buying power… and what your key limiting factor will be.
  • Why different lenders will lend different amounts for the same property
  • Why the same lender will lend different amounts for the same property


We’ll share with you…

  • 56 due diligence points that you need to know as a property investor to keep you safe in the market. Before you buy any property with confidence in the facts (rather than the armature’s approach of using “gut feel”) you need to know the answer to each of these questions
  • The critical difference between research and data driven investment decisions compared to the more common (and more risky) retail investor approach of “window shopping” for property
  • Why looking for the best deal is a actually beginner mistake
  • Practical “real world” examples of different properties that fit different strategies at different price points in different locations in different parts of the property cycle. You could never find all these on your own
  • The difference between an investor agency v’s a buyers agency
  • it’s not JUST the $14,000 you’ll save in fees

We’ll also answer the questions of “why would you use an investor agency compared with doing all the leg work yourself?”.



You’ll Never Understand Property If You Don’t Understand Market Cycles

Here is a FACT that new investors underestimate at their own peril.

What you can see from your own experience is limited. Alone, you simply don’t have all the facts.

Do you think investing without all the facts risky?

You bet it is!

That’s a total train wreck waiting to happen. To invest without all the facts is insanity… or rather it’s “financial suicide”.

Here is a simple piece of reality that has a profound impact on how you should be thinking about investing.

Property in different areas grow at different rates … at the same time.

Properties in the same area can grow at different rates … at the same time.

Do you know why? Understanding this and investing in the right market at the right time for your strategy is what using market cycles is all about.

We’ll look at…

  • What are the key investment drivers in each market – if you don’t know what’s driving a market then you’re gambling
  • What drives increases in value – if you can’t identify this then how do you know prices are going to increase. If you don’t know this then you’re gambling
  • The 5 pillars of investment growth – if these are missing from the area you’re looking at then you’re gambling
  • Why it’s OK to sell your investment property – why a “buy and hold” strategy isn’t necessarily the best fit with most market cycles
  • How to succeed in a falling market – “the crowd” tells you to stay away from a falling market… but the crowd is usually broke! Who do you want to learn from?

We answer the question, “why you would buy in a falling market?”

And while we’re talking paradoxes we’ll also cover

When reducing your tax is bad for you


when reducing your tax is good for you.


It’s Really Important You Understand This

Over the last 17 years we have helped more than 6,000 Australians change their financial futures. By getting to know our clients so closely we have learnt some highly valuable information about why investors fail.

Unfortunately there are a lot of myths and mantras that retail “mum and dad” investors believe that actually hurt them and by default force them into failure… through innocent mistakes.

So at our FREE Property Game Workshop we want to make sure you don’t accidentally, through no fault of your own, stumble into these mistakes… and to avoid doing that you’ll be pretty surprised by some of the things you’ll learn. Things like…

  • It’s OK to sell property
  • Reducing tax can be detrimental
  • How paying off your home can hurt you financially
  • We’ll introduce you to the professional approach to investing we call the Migration of Money
  • Cash flow v’s Equity. How you can turn equity into cash flow but you can’t turn cash flow into equity
  • When a falling market is great news for you
  • Why paying an additional fee to your lender can be a good thing
  • Cross securitization – the simple step (or more accurately mistake) that puts everything you have at risk

Session 2

Tax and Construction For Profit

There are 2 sessions on the day where we hit the big subjects property investors need to know about.

Tax and structures

  • Should you invest in your name, a company name or through a trust – what are the pros and cons of each?
  • Deductions, what exactly can you claim and when as a property investor

How to build for profit

  • How you can use construction for profit and manufacture equity
  • How to create equity with a house and land deal
  • How to create equity with a duplex deal
  • New v’s second hand, which is better?
  • How for the same outlay you can choose between a $350,000 existing property or a $450,000 new property.

That’s 28% more property value and exposure for the exact same investment.

So as you can see, this is a VERY comprehensive day… and it’s yours free when you register today.

Your Speakers:

CEO and Head Property Strategist

Founder and Chief Education Officer

Your NSW Mentoring Tribe:

Event Details

Date & Time:

Saturday, 13th April at 8:30am

8.00am – Registration Opens

8:30am – Workshop starts

Lunch Break

5:00pm – Conclusion



VenueKirribilli Club

Address11 Harbourview Crescent, Lavender Bay, Sydney NSW 2060

Networking & Questions:

At the end of the day, there will be ample time to mix with the presenters and your fellow investors. Ask questions and book a time to discuss the strategic steps you need to take. Some light refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the day.


Notebook & Pen. There will be a lot of great information you will receive and you want to write down the important things for yourself. There won’t be handouts. So get involved and feel free to write down anything you wish. Light jacket in case the venue A/C gets too cool for you


Tea and coffee refreshments will be provided. Please bring money for your lunch break as there are HEAPS of great cafes, pubs and restaurants within minutes walking of the venue.

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