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Dhiraj Chhabra

Property Investment Coach

Laura purchased her first property under 20, and had 3 under 25. By 34 owned her own home and had grown her portfolio across 2 states. Since 2011, after joining Positive Real Estate as a mentoring client she has built a multi million dollar positive cash flow property portfolio across 4 different states, diversifying in strategy as well as markets. Manufacturing equity across building, project managing renovation, and the art of negotiation.

Career wise Laura has been in corporate management and coaching roles for more than 20 years and more recently since 2013 with Positive Real Estate as a Property and Finance Investment Advisor, coaching and sharing her experience with clients to free themselves financially through property investment. Laura has a Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, Training & Assessment and her Credit Representative Number is 457537, she is a graduate of UCPRO Coaching and also has a BA in Psychology & Sociology as well as a Diploma in Business Management.

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When Laura coaches you, you’ll not only be working with a qualified, experienced and dedicated professional but with a team of people from all property investment areas of expertise. Laura has a wealth of experience with real estate, coaching, business management and finance, all of which can help you pay down your debt, build quality assets and create a passive income.

Laura paid off her home in her early-30s and now coaches others to apply the same principles she did to achieve home-ownership.
Laura connects with her clients on a personal level, helping them formulate strategies to achieve their goals faster than they ever could by themselves. Laura consistently checks in with her clients to ensure they are achieving the objectives set in their initial meeting. The strong accountability results in clients achieving financial success they never thought possible.

Quotes I live by: “It is not what you earn, it is what you do with it that counts”.

As a client working with Laura the goals you set will be achieved and your financial potential will be fully realised.

Why I like my job: I have always been passionate about helping others reach opportunities and goals they may not have done without my support. I have experienced first hand how property investing and managing money can transform your life and I feel it is my duty to make other people aware and accountable to what they can achieve to live the life they choose. In my mind, whether to invest is not the decision, the question is, WHAT TO INVEST IN? The gap between those that have and those that don’t is widening, which is a sad state of our society, when ALL it really comes down to is making a decision or a choice of how you want your life to look? Then making a plan and sticking to it.

The reality is that most people fall short of making the decision and sticking to the plan, I am passionate about helping others create a plan that will work and following through with the actions.

Qualifications official:
BA in Psychology & Sociology
Cert IV in Finance
Cert IV in Training & Assessment
Graduate UCPRO Coaching
Cert IV in Fitness & Personal Training
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Retail

Life qualifications: Mum, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Domestic Goddess and Qualified Red Wine & Chocolate Connoisseur

Past Life Qualifications: Fitness Instructor… ohhhh… how life can take over and push you in other directions!

Interests: Bringing up well adjusted children who understand how to be accountable for their actions! Reading fictional books to escape the reality of life and biographies of people I admire! Walking to maintain a sense of calm is my form of meditation! Swimming at the beach just for fun!

Hidden talents: Cooking healthy delicious meals that my family love to eat, but may not necessarily find attractive to the eye in 15-30 minutes! A talent all working parents need to have!

Being able to manage 5 tasks plus at once and remain sane (sometimes)!

Special Coaching Skill: Ability to be empathetic and hold people accountable to their goals at the same time! Ability to call people on their BS in the most polite way and with love!

Time with PRE: Joined as a client in 2011 and started as a Coach in 2013.

Success: A multi million dollar portfolio across NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania

How long you have been investing in real estate: 20 years plus

Best deal: I have a property in Tasmania that has doubled in value twice over and produces over 18% yield; An apartment in Richmond, Victoria that will become a temporary home in winter to attend the football and get my fix of shopping, the arts and restaurants for a transition lifestyle to retirement.

Worst deal: Orange – House & Land – I learnt that buying in a regional location, certainly has its peaks and troughs. However, in saying that this property was my worst deal, through the build process on completion I was able to pull out more than 65K of manufactured equity and use this deposit for our next property. Would I buy this property again? At the time the Investment Agency was also sourcing deals in Sydney, in hindsight, growth opportunities would have been stronger in Sydney due to market and area growth -ahhhh! How we live and learn! Orange was purchased for 367K, valued on completion at 435K, possibly values now at about 600-650K and is now rented for $490 with next to no vacancy since 2012, and will deliver approximately 100K in tax efficiency through the first 10 years of holding the property… I can't really complain!

Biggest lesson: Buy well! Never Sell! – The more often you buy and sell real estate the more it costs you in money, time and stress! Buy good quality, well positioned property and hold, for a minimal stress free experience!

Don’t allow life (eg for me it was career and children) to take you away from moving forward with your investment goals!

Passionate About: Red wine, brain injury awareness, not taking life too seriously and helping others in the areas of life that I have done well in!

Do you own PRE properties?: Since joining PRE as a client all the properties except one, I have purchased have been through the Investment Agency, as a Mum of 2 young children my weekend priority is definitely not pooling for properties on Real Estate.com, the properties I have purchased through the agency continue to do well, both rents and values have increased or stayed stable over the time I have held them.

Favourite Saying: “Prior planning prevents poor performance!”

Favorite Movie: Fried Green Tomatoes/ The Castle

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Book: “Jessica” by Bryce Courtney

Favourite Holiday Location: Cook Islands

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