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Dhiraj Chhabra

ACR: 547714
AFCA: 93401
CERT IV in FMB: FNS50320

Dhiraj Chhabra

Property Investment Coach


My journey to property success began with a realisation that knowledge and personal experiences were my keys to unlocking financial freedom. With a love for property investment and an international career, I now dedicate myself to coaching others on their wealth journey.

I started as a Deputy Hotel Manager in Scotland and then transitioned into the world of finance and mortgage broking. My qualifications include a Hotel Management Degree and Diplomas in Business and Mortgage Broking. These set the foundation for my 25-year career.

I bought my first property at the age of 22, and today I own four properties across India and New Zealand. As a keen investor, I share both triumphs and lessons learned, such as the wisdom gained from a sale I later regretted in Scotland. My hands-on experience with property investment fuels my passion for coaching others.

As someone who wished for a coach when I started, I know the importance of personalised guidance. My diverse background and hands-on investment experience position me uniquely to support others eager to take action. My friendly approach, combined with my property know-how, ensures a partnership that translates dreams into reality.

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