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Louise Carr

Investment & Property Coach

I love property, design and architecture but the key reason I love PRE is definitely my colleagues and my mentoring clients. I enjoy the intimacy of peoples stories and enjoy their celebrations! It’s amazing and truly inspirational to watch people at the start in goal setting, hearing their innermost personal fears, and to seeing them achieve is amazing! Drives and motivates me personally and professionally.

There’s so many amazing stories. For example, one of my clients was so scared about investing (quite common) and her family didn’t believe in her. She strived to want to create a better life for her and her 3 boys. Over 2 years, they purchased quite a few properties and were $400 per week better off! Saving tax and paying down their mortgage.

They can now private school their boys and are planning a gap year in America as a family! Boundless adventures and fun. The power of property is phenomenal, but for me the phenomenon of freedom and choices that impact on people’s lives and self confidence is what I enjoy! I truly treasure part of their journey.

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