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“I completed a $21k renovation to increase the overall property value by $41k. The biggest success was increasing rent from $360 per week to $430 per week. Surround yourself with the right people and make the best decisions possible using the best information available at the time!” – JOEL


“Positive Real Estate help us to buy this property at the right time. We were guided with property selection, but even more importantly, Positive Real Estate helped us to structure finance properly to maximise our investment capital.” – JOHN & JANET


“Positive Real Estate has been the best decision we ever made, it gave us the balls to start an investment portfolio! It has only just been a year, we are in the middle of a build and have just refinanced our PPR. We now have $81k to play with on the road to our 3rd property. We are so excited for our futures and thrilled to know we will always have the help of these amazing people.” – STACEY & HAYDEN

Why Positive Real Estate?

Want to just cut to the chase and get to the real strategies of property investing? Finding it tough to work out what property education program is real value for money and does what they say it will do? Well we agree. So here’s your chance to access our Mentoring Masterclass with a VIP Guest Pass. That’s right, we are offering you a game-changing opportunity that could launch your property investment journey, or take you to the next level.

This is a ONCE ONLY PASS to get a sneak peek inside our private and exclusive Lifetime Mentoring Program, where our members learn the real nitty gritty of investing in property. We know there are heaps ‘property coaches’ and ‘investor events’ out there promising you the so called ‘secrets to real estate investing’.  Claiming to do what we do… for free? Don’t forget- you get what you pay for (or not!).

There’s a reason why our team are 2x winners of the Investor Choice Awards in Education, and now you have the chance to see why.

Are you fearful?

Have you been asking yourself one or more of these questions lately:

  • Is the market going to bottom out?
  • Will I be able to get finance?
  • Should I buy now or wait?
  • Have I bought the wrong property?
  • How do I safely invest interstate in better markets?
  • Can I reduce my tax through property?
  • What’s the best way to pull and use my home equity?

If so, this VIP Guest Pass is for you! This is a high value event. Clients can pay tens of thousands of dollars to access this information, and we don’t normally give away our successful strategies for free. If you recognise the value of what we are offering and are truly keen to take your wealth and mindset to the next level by investing 2 hours of your time with us, then Register Now below.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Why should you trust Positive Real Estate over the other guys?


Our property coaches are real world investors and qualified experts. We’ve paid attention and know what works and what doesn’t.

Our team stay up to date with the news and market changes, and implement real-life strategies for long term investment and financial sustainability.

Our clients are just like you and love being part of a community where people ‘get them’ and their investing journey; unlike a lot of friends, family and work colleagues.

We are truly passionate about helping others and investing in real estate, for long-term financial gain.

REMEMBER… This is a one-time only offer! Register to gain access only if you’re serious about stepping up your Property Investment game.

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