First Home Buyers have never been in a BETTER position to secure a new home via First Home Buyers grants and Government incentives.

Have you ever wondered…

  • What the minimum deposit you may need to purchase?
  • What government grants and concessions are available to you as a first time buyer?
  • What type of property you can afford to buy and where?
  • Is it better to buy a new or old property and what to look for?
  • How finance works and what strategy is best?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions then Book Your Online Seat Now at our upcoming information night.


ENDS: 8:30PM


Join our First Home Buyers specialist team at our free information night. Spots are limited.

Did you know in many cases,
it’s cheaper to own your
own home than rent?

We can show you how.

First-time buyers tell us they get invaluable information from our education events.

During our 90 minute event we’ll show you the best ways to enter the property market as a First Home Buyer. There are no magic or secret ways to buy your first home and we won’t pretend there are!

We discuss the tips and facts you need to know in simple, straight-forward terms so that you’ll walk away with an excellent understanding of how to get into your first property, without stress and uncertainty.

PLUS… you’ll also get the chance during the event to chat to our Team about any burning questions you have about the property market, we may not have answered already for you.

This is your opportunity for you to receive all the inside know-how from the leaders in the industry, so don’t miss this exclusive event.

Online Event Schedule

7:00pm - 7:15pm

Webinar Commences: Introduction of Host and Positive Real Estate; an overview of our 20 years experience in property and lessons learnt, from coaching over 6500 first home buyers and property investors. 

7:15pm - 7:30pm

Financial Freedom – How realistic is it and why it’s so important. What will it mean to you and your family in the years to come?

The Four Parts to the Puzzle 

  • Problem & Opportunity Costs
  • Where does your weekly pay go?
  • Why the right finance is so important.
  • What strategy should you use?
7:30pm - 8:00pm

What grants are available to you

  • First Home Owner Grants 
  • Developers and Builders Grants
  • Home Builder Grant

How you can buy your first home MUCH sooner than you thought    

  • Is it better to buy now rather than save the 20% deposit?
  • Parental Guarantee 
  • What the banks are really looking at when applying for a loan

The PIE formula

  1. Population 
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Employment

The 3 types of property growth

  1. Property types
  2. Location of property
  3. Market timing

How can I make my wealth grow faster and safely with bigger deals? Making your plan for wealth and success!

8:15pm - 8:30pm

Questions & Answer time with our team and opportunity to meet up one-on-one for more personalised help.

Secure your Seat

“Great webinar tonight! Thanks for everything, I have really enjoyed it and most importantly, I have learned from it and will be applying in the future.”

M Vasiliauskaite

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