Ensure You Never Miss an Update from Us!

To guarantee that our emails always reach your inbox and you stay informed with the latest updates, we’ve collated easy-to-follow video guides on how to whitelist our email address in various major email clients.

GmailOutlook (Hotmail/Live/MSN)Yahoo


1. Open Gmail.

2. Look for our email in your inbox, ‘Promotions’ tab or your ‘Spam’ folder.

3. If our message is found underneath the ‘Promotions’ tab or the ‘Spam’ folder, drag and drop it to the ‘Primary’ folder.

Outlook (Hotmail/Live/MSN)

1. Open Outlook.

2. Look for our email in your inbox or in the ‘Junk folder’.

3. Hover your icon over the name of the sender, select the ‘More options’ […] icon.

4. Select ‘Add to contacts’.

5. If our email is in the Junk folder, first select the messages you want to keep. Then from the top toolbar, select Not junk then Not junk (or Not spam > Not spam). You can also open the message and select the It’s not junk link at the top.


1. Open Yahoo.

2. Look for our email in your inbox or in the ‘Spam’ folder.

3. Select the More icon […]

4. Select ‘Add sender to contacts’ and then select ‘Save’.

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