Property Investment Masterclass

How to launch your property investment portfolio in 2 hours

We’ve experienced this economy before with the GFC and paid attention. Our team knows what works and what doesn’t.⁣

Join over 17,000 budding investors who have already attended one of our free events.

Learn tips and strategies to structure your investment portfolio to maximise your goals.

Discover how our team of coaches and clients have taken their passion for investing and created property portfolios worth millions of dollars.

What is a Property Investment Masterclass


Discover the 9+ strategies every Property Investor should know to start their property portfolio off on the right track.

Learn how to set yourself up the right way so you can replace your income in the next 7-10 years with property investing. 

Build a multi-million dollar portfolio that can create chunks of spare cash flow for retirement.

Big changes in finance, lending and technology has transformed the Property Investing landscape.

Now is the time to take ACTION and get new EDUCATION from our QUALIFIED Investor Coaches, about how to navigate your new property investor path.

What people say about our Masterclass

"We attended one of Positive’s Property Investor events thinking they would just tell us how to buy more property. But… Positive did so much more than that. They actually held us back from purchasing any property until we had learnt more about investment strategy and implemented the right steps to ensure success in our journey."

Gina & Josh


"The Property Investor event was great, and made me realise that while we had goals what we really needed was support and guidance to achieve them. We are certainly much better off financially now than before we started our education with Positive, and have more skills and experience to apply to our property investing decisions."

John & Janet


What we will discover together

The best properties to buy for long term wealth and passive income – as not all properties are created equal.

 ✔ Post COVID-19 property investing strategies. We’ve experienced this economy before with the GFC and paid attention. There is a once in a decade investing opportunity happening right now.

How property can help you retire earlier with more money in your pocket (your personal financial goals drive this).

Ways to reduce your tax and get more money back each week through property (No other investment strategy does this as well).

✔ Where your weekly pays goes and how you can make it work better with property investment (This is a live exercise and will blow you away).

The strategies you should use to create both capital growth and positive cash flow property portfolios. (Strategy vs Tactics – what is most important?)

The difference between good debt and bad debt – it does matter!

How to own your home faster – in 15 years or less (the banks don’t want you to know this).

✔️ How to use your home equity to invest in your next property.

Meet Your Mentors…

Tabitha Bright

Tabitha Bright

Louise Carr

Louise Carr

Jason Whitton

Jason Whitton

Karen Chavez

Karen Chavez

Vicky Hines

Vicky Hines

Carolyn Weston

Carolyn Weston

Megan Wolfenden

Megan Wolfenden

Online Event Schedule

7:00pm - 7:15pm

Webinar Commences: Introduction of Host and Positive Real Estate; an overview of our 20 years of investing and lessons learnt, from coaching over 6500 property investors.

7:15pm - 7:30pm

Financial Freedom - How realistic is it and why it’s so important. What will it mean to you and your family in the years to come?

7:30pm - 8:00pm
The 3 Steps to Financial Success

  • How education and understanding where your money goes will set you free.
  • How much do you really pay for your home?
  • Where does your weekly pay go?
  • The opportunity cost of waiting to invest.
  • Why the right finance is so important.
  • What strategy should you use?

The 2 parts to Real Estate Wealth

  • Cashflow properties.
  • Capital growth properties.
  • Which ones are best for me?

The 3 types of property growth

  1. Property types
  2. Location of property
  3. Market timing

Where will my wealth come from and how long will it take? Advanced cashflow techniques

  • How to reduce your tax.
  • How to pay your home off faster in under 15 years.
  • How to get 10% rental yields in high grow areas (massive positive cashflow).

    How can I make my wealth grow faster and safely with bigger deals? Making your plan for property investment, wealth and success!

    8:15pm - 8:30pm

    Questions & Answer time with our team and opportunity to meet up one-on-one for more personalised help.

    Why you should secure your free ticket

    It’s hard to sort through fact from fiction, so we’ve made it easy for you to work out your next step in your property investment journey. Our property coaches are real world investors and qualified experts. We’ve paid attention and know what works and what doesn’t. Our team stay up date with the news and market changes, and implement real-life strategies for long term investment and financial sustainability.

    This is a high value event, your only investment is 2 hours of time to see what you can learn from our highly experienced team. Whether you have 1 property or 10 this Property Investors Masterclass will show you how you can take your property investing to the next level in any type of market conditions.

    REGISTER NOW for the next event in your area and see why Positive Real Estate are 2x Winners of the Investor Choice Awards in Education.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to bring anything?

    We strongly encourage you to join us online with a friend or family member. It makes the education more fun and as we share a lot of information, you will have someone to chat with about it after the Webinar has ended. Please also bring your Question about Property Investing and a notepad/pen to take down some key tips and important investing information. 

    How much does the event cost?

    Absolutely nothing! Our Property Investor education nights have always and will always be FREE. The only investment you will make is two hours of your time online with us, where you will collaborate and learn in a {LIVE} Webinar environment, from our qualified coaches who are also successful property investors.

    What’s in it for me?

    If you are someone who wants to gain clarity and confidence around how to invest in Property in Australia, then this Property Investor Masterclass is for you! Even if you have little no previous experience or are advanced enough to take your property portfolio to a new level of wealth creation.

    What will I learn?

    As a group, we will discover the key drivers around the Australia property market and the strategies and tips you should know before buying investment properties. We will show you how you can invest in property to create income now into the future plus ways to save more money by investing in property long-term.

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