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Learn to minimise your tax by up to $50k in just 90 minutes

Property Investor Tax Strategies Webinar

Wednesday, 10th of April
7:00pm AEST


If you have ever said to yourself…

I can’t stand it anymore

The cost of inflation continues to rise and completely eats through your investment profits.

I don’t know what I’m doing

Tax is complicated – Negative gearing, capital gains, franking credits, trust structures. It’s overly complicated in Australia.

I feel like I’m missing out

Unsure where to start? We can show you where to start your tax minimisation tax strategy planning.

I feel like I’m paying too much tax

The ATO is focused on income tax. As investors it feels like you’re getting less concessions than big business and it’s not fair.

Things are ok, but could I be doing more?

You could always be doing more. There are strategies out there that could help you reduce your tax by 78%, legally!

I’ve tried other accountants before and they didn’t help

Just give us 90 minutes of your time, we’re confident we’ll show you things you’ve never seen!

Show me the money!

Your Hosts:

Anthony Wolfenden

Anthony Wolfenden

Tax (Financial) Adviser


Anthony Wolfenden has been investing in real estate for the last 30 years and has purchased over 100 residential properties in Australia and overseas. Anthony is also an Authorised Financial Planner and a registered Tax Financial Advisor with 10 years offering tax effective advice to property investors.

The combination of property investment and effective management of taxes is the basis of his personal wealth creation and he is sharing this knowledge with clients as part of the services offered by Positive Tax Solutions.

Daniel Macpherson

Daniel Macpherson

Tax Agent & Certified Accountant


Daniel is a CPA Accountant with over 15 years experience in various industries. Like most accountants he has a passion for numbers however is equally passionate about the people behind them.

He takes pride in being a part of his client’s story and ensuring they can achieve their goals and get the best possible outcome.

What you’ll learn on the night

What are the 4 Big Taxes that are making you broke and the government rich

What is PAYG variation and how does it work⁣ to give you more cash flow each week

How to best take advantage of depreciation – the difference between new and old will shock you, with up to 500% more tax deductions

Why tax planning is underrated but the most IMPORTANT action you need to take as a Property Investor

Ownership structures and the best way to own an investment property – dependent on who you are and what you are buying (this is not a straightforward one-size-fits-all strategy)

Positive Gearing, negative gearing, positive cash-flow, positive cash-flow after tax – they all mean different things and work for different people – but do you know which strategy works for you?

Legal and effective tax strategies that may help you claim up to 78% of your taxes each year.

Plus stay for a quick Q&A at the end of the night so the team can answer your most common tax questions.

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