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2018 Requires a New Investment Approach

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New Way to Approach Property Investment

There are no big citywide surges of growth on the horizon for at least half a decade… so how are we profiting from real estate now?

We have 5 approaches to investing in 2018 and beyond, designed to keep a portfolio moving forward… often despite what the larger market is doing

  • Massive Cashflow – How short stay rentals can effectively be worth another whole property to you. You have more money in your pocket to spend each week not less
  • Micro-Pocket Growth – Small areas of high demand with exceptional growth opportunities surrounding it.
  • Manufactured Equity – The process of quite literally making equity through building (or developing to use real estate speak) a property for a lower cost than the valuations of the finished product.
  • Mortgage and Debt Reduction – Without lowering your lifestyle and asking you to live on even less each week.
  • Minimize Tax – The strategy that is reliable, predictable and certain to put money back in your pocket.
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