As a Passionate Property Investor I come to you with over 20 years worth of knowledge I’ve learned as an investor in property, across Australia and New Zealand.

It hasn’t been easy, but it has definitely been worth it. I’ve lost money, I’ve made money and now I’m sharing with you my proven techniques that offer simple and practical ideas to propel you along the path to passive income and financial freedom.

If you haven’t already downloaded my ebook – The Future of Property Investing in Australia you can do so via my group on facebook, Passionate Property Investors.

Come join me below and discover a tribe of passionate property investors just like you sharing ideas and experiences along their investor journey.

Extract from “The Future of Property Investing in Australia”

Chapter 1 – Where it all began

“I am very much a property investor first before a realtor or entrepreneur, and today I’m still buying property and making my own investments; which leads me to address you as a successful property investor rather than a real estate agent. I come to you with well over $20 million in assets from property, businesses and equities – property being my number one choice of investment!

But I wasn’t born rich. I came from a lower middle-class world with not much money at all. Property has made me wealthy because, thankfully, I learnt about real estate from a very young age. The house I grew up in was small. My family enjoyed living there, yet we were seen as the neighbourhood pariahs. We were poor by the local standards.

Our house was gloomy, old and dark, with a kind of  Alice in Wonderland feel. We had one bathroom, which was pretty basic, and our kitchen and living areas were in their original 1940s condition. This was in the 1980s. But to me it was home.

My siblings and I would often invite friends over for the weekend, and my father would entertain us all with his antics and my mother would treat everyone to good food. Yet none of the kids would ever visit more than once. On arrival to collect their kids, the parents would look at our house and stare disapprovingly. The mothers would give my mother a fake gesture of approval and rush off, never to allow their children back into our basic home again.

It was then I realised that poor people are seen very differently in the eyes of the wealthy… “

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