We started with 25k and now have 5 properties in 5 years.

11 years ago we moved from New Zealand to Australia….  We didn’t arrive with a lot, but managed to save a deposit of 25k to buy our first home. 4 years later we sold it for a profit of 85k and purchased our first family home, only a year old, in North Cranbourne, an hour from Melbourne CBD. 

Over the next year we turned the pile of dirt which was our yard, into a nice oasis, but quickly realised that if we spent any more money on the property we would over capitalise! Even though people thought we were crazy, we bought a second home in Melbourne, a renovator, and moved our family to a smaller, run down home. We spent most nights and weekends renovating it ourselves to the tune of only 20k. We had managed to purchase 2 properties in just 2 years and in doing that discovered our passion for property and a deep desire to build financial freedom!

We knew that we would need help and coaching to take our property investing journey to the next level. We attended one of Positive Real Estate’s Property Investor Events thinking they would just tell us how to buy more property. But… PRE did so much more than that. They actually HELD US BACK from purchasing more property until we had learnt more about investment strategy and implemented some steps to ensure success in our journey.

With the guidance of PRE, we have now purchased 2 more properties interstate in Queensland, something we would never have done on our own and 1 more property in Victoria… We now have a total of 5 properties in just 5 years!

We have been on an amazing property journey and PRE has provided the mentoring, encouragement, support and the chance to be around like-minded people, whilst keeping us accountable, and on track to achieve our financial goals. They have lead us on a path of growth and self development that have changed our lives for the better. We couldn’t be more grateful to our coach and the whole PRE team.

Want to know how they did it?

Property Investment Masterclass

We are going to show you, the system we’ve developed with…


20 years+ experience in property investing and
6,500+ clients coached in 2 countries…
Build a multi million dollar portfolio in under 10 years
Both experienced and first-time investors tell us they gain invaluable information from our Property  education events.

During our 2 hour masterclass we’ll show you the best ways to succeed as a property investor in today’s market. We will share with you our best strategies having spent the last 20 years as property investors ourselves, and from providing personalised coaching to over 6,000 clients. With over $4.6 billion dollars in property sales completed with our guidance and support, we know what works and we plan to share it with you!

“Great seminar in Sydney tonight! Thanks for everything, I have really enjoyed it and most importantly, I have learned from it and will be applying in the future.”

M Vasiliauskaite

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