We started investing in property in our 50’s and now have 7 properties to fund our retirement.

In 2004 we made a decision to invest in managed funds to boost our finances for retirement. When the GFC hit it wiped us out to the tune of over 140k. We then struggled for 5 years after this just to get back to where we started… Zero. 

While this experience didn’t turn us off investing in general, it made us realise that we needed to diversify where our money was actually going long term. We were unsure of where to turn to next, having just lost a fair chunk of change. Then a holiday in 2010 to Tasmania changed so much for us mentally, and it became our goal to retire in later years to a cooler climate. Around this time I had started talking to my bank about investment, when they suggested I read a few investment magazines. One of which had an ad of Positive with details of a future Property Investor Night, near where I live.

The event was great, and made me realise that we needed goals, and help achieving them. We decided to book a follow-up meeting with the Positive coach. It was in that one-on-one meeting we realised that our then level of investment and financial planning, was not going to be sufficient for a well-financed retirement! From our first meeting we got that sense of genuineness and sincerity with the Positive coach spoke with us and what was possible with our property investment journey.

We joined the Positive mentoring program on the spot in March 2012, created our personal strategy for investing and took what money we had to start investing in a variety of properties. As is the case with property investing there have been some minor hiccups along the way, however we have managed to navigate these with guidance and support from the team at Positive.

To date we have a portfolio of 7 properties; existing houses, OTP units and H&L packages, which have produced some great capital growth, to fund our retirement. We are certainly much better off financially now than before we started and more skilled through experience and education from Positive. Our fellow investors in Mentoring are friendly, helpful and all real people with similar values to us.

I have been lucky to interact closely with many Positive coaches and team over the years, including Jason and Sam Saggers. Despite their wealth, I find these people genuine and “down to earth” and a pleasure to deal with. Their education really helps with finance activities around property investing, as well as the when, where and what to buy of property deals. Working with the folks at Positive really drives home the point that you need a good team to help with your property investment journey. Positive is a big part of that team for us.

It’s never too late to start investing… Want to know how John and Janet did it?

Property Investment Masterclass

We are going to show you, the system we’ve developed with…


20 years+ experience in property investing and
6,500+ clients coached in 2 countries…
Build a multi million dollar portfolio in under 10 years
Both experienced and first-time investors tell us they gain invaluable information from our Property  education events.

During our 2 hour masterclass we’ll show you the best ways to succeed as a property investor in today’s market. We will share with you our best strategies having spent the last 20 years as property investors ourselves, and from providing personalised coaching to over 6,000 clients. With over $4.6 billion dollars in property sales completed with our guidance and support, we know what works and we plan to share it with you!

“Great seminar in Sydney tonight! Thanks for everything, I have really enjoyed it and most importantly, I have learned from it and will be applying in the future.”

M Vasiliauskaite

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