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Positive Real Estate are Australia’s leading Property Investor Education and Wealth Creation Company. We provide 360 services to everyday Australian’s looking to create a property portfolio. Specialising in Investor education, finance and real estate acquisition through to property management and wealth consolidation; our clients have our full support and guidance from beginning to end.

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Stamp Duty (also called transfer duty) is another tax investors pay on property acquisition. YUCK. But with effective tax planning, you can easily pay half the amount.

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This Tax Toolkit for property Investors includes all the resources and knowledge we share with our clients to ensure they end up with more money in their pockets. It’s easy when you know how and have the right tools and team to get you there.

Capital Gains tax is one of the 4 big taxes that property investors just cannot avoid. But you can save up to 50% on CGT on your primary place of residence by ensuring you understand the tax rules!

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Your Journey Begins Now

A dollar saved is a dollar earned and one of the most deflating feelings is seeing part of your income leave your pocket for taxes every week and year.

But what if you could

Save up to $50k every year in tax effectiveness

Save money across the four Big Taxes you pay on property and investing

Do one thing that could help you claim tax back legally, every week

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