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Understand Millennials and You Understand
the Future of Real Estate

Home buyers drive prices and millennials are the “next wave” of home buyers.

In fact, millennials and empty nesters are both looking for the same things and making similar lifestyle choices with their housing. That means even more people are now looking for the same housing product.

The bottom line is: millennials will choose a city and suburb to live in… then worry about finding employment after making this lifestyle decision.

What they want to buy and where they want to live is where you need to position yourself as an investor to get the best returns.

Come to the next Property Investor Night and learn to profit from their preferences.

Our seminars are approx 2 hours long and are available nationwide.

We guarantee you will walk away feeling more confident and more educated than ever before.

Who should attend?

Both experienced and first-time investors tell us they get invaluable information from these education events. We also have some specific information for helping…

First Home Buyers – Love to get your first home right now? Learn how to take advantage of thousands of dollars in government grants for simply buying the right property type.

Working Families with Kids – Think you can’t become property investors until the kids have left home or paid off your mortgage? See how it can be possible to invest right now AND pay off your home loan fast AND increase your weekly cash flow.

Time Poor Professionals – Got a tax problem? Learn how to massively reduce your tax and leverage your most limited resource, your time, through the use of our professional team.

Ready for Retirement – Want to make sure you’re set up for a great lifestyle in retirement? Learn how the reality of retirement is actually a number with a dollar sign… not your age.

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