99% Fail… 1% Make It… Why?

That’s what we will show you on the night and how over the last 20 years we have refined as system that you can follow to be in the 1%.

On the night you’ll learn:

  • The best properties to buy for wealth and why, as not all properties are created equal
  • How to pay your home off faster, do it in 10 years
  • Where to invest across Australia. Capital growth comes in 3 ways via 15 different mechanisms, do you know them?
  • Ways to reduce your tax and get more back
  • How to create a positive cash flow portfolio
  • Ways property can help you retire earlier by creating a passive income
  • What assets do you own that will be debt free producing income when you retire?
  • You’ll also have a chance to talk to one of our expert coaches and get your questions answered.

    This short property course will show you what every investor should know before purchasing.

    The information provided is based on results and real deals from industry renowned property experts who have over 15 years of proven results in the Australian property market. Let us show you how to safely buy property to build your own portfolio.

    Enjoyed this video and want to learn more?

    Register below for our free property investor night, on near you. You’ll learn more about this topic on the night plus heaps of our top tips and the key areas to look at when building a passive income property portfolio.

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