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Leading Economist shares solid market prediction

Dr Andrew Wilson, Chief Economist for My Housing Market


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On the night you will discover the key information needed to successfully invest in this economy:

✅ How to continue to GROW your Property portfolio and wealth in rising interest rate cycles. Note: this is when the wealthy, really get wealthy, because everyone else is scared to act.

⁣⁣⁣✅ How to PAY YOUR HOME OFF in 15 years or less – it’s never been more important than right now⁣⁣⁣

✅ The biggest RENTAL BOOM Australia has ever seen is underway and going to continue. Are you in position to capitalise on this opportunity?

✅ NEW SUPPLY of housing has dropped 68 and 84% in these 2 capital cities, BUT demand is up! What does this mean for YOUR property wealth and financial goals?

✅ Discover Australia’s “Plan” to improve the economy through permanent skilled workers, students and traveling workers, which will bring an extra 2 million people into our country over the next 5 years. ICYMI – this will positively impact your REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT and provide needed housing. 

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