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The What Can I Do Now appointment with an experienced property coach is a complimentary hour session. They will work with you to identify your goals, review your property experience and review your current financial position to move forward. You will then be provided with specific and personalised feedback on what could be possible for you with the right knowledge, support and training.

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Kate Moloney

Kate Moloney

Property Investment Adviser

Meet Kate Moloney, a dedicated Property Investment Adviser with a passion for guiding individuals on their wealth creation journey through strategic planning and personal development. With a solid educational background in Commerce, focusing on Economics and Finance, and additional qualifications in Financial Planning and the Demartini Method Training Programme, Kate possesses a comprehensive understanding of the financial and psychological aspects of wealth building.

Kate’s journey into the world of property investment began at the tender age of 18 when she purchased a block of land and built her first home, quickly gaining equity due to a rising market. By 24, she and her husband had built a portfolio of 20 properties, ranging from single-family homes to duplex and triplex projects. However, Kate’s journey took a dramatic turn when one of the markets crashed, leading to financial distress and ultimately bankruptcy. This experience, however, opened a new career path for Kate as a strategist, where she found fulfilment in helping property investors and business owners navigate through financial challenges to protect their futures.

Kate is deeply committed to guiding others on their path to wealth creation. She views past setbacks not as indicators of future outcomes but as valuable teachings that can lead to greater achievements. Embodying her belief that “Every problem has a solution,” Kate adopts a positive and pragmatic mindset in both her personal life and professional practice. This outlook makes her a motivating and well-informed mentor within the property investment sphere.

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