What Are the Belts That Support Positive Cashflow?

There are four location belts that help the Real Estate game, as follows: Beach beltGreen beltMedical belt and Education belt. These four belts drive prices for several different reasons. This property was well-situated in the Education belt and was also wisely built near to an excellent transport, shops and job areas. Thus, a good recipe for value growth.

As you can see on this property, our client has reaped the reward of such smart research.

Data current as of 15 August 2018.

Deal Details

Property Type: Townhouse
Property Attributes: 3x2x1
Purchase Date: September 2007
Purchase Price: $389K
Latest Value: $515K

Equity Gain: $126K
Rent Now: $370 per week
Yield: 4.95%

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