Master Brandmark

The Positive Real Estate brandmark is the keystone of our brand identity system. It is the the brand reduced to a singular component. It is the signature for Positive Real Estate.

The brandmark consists of two elements. The words ‘Positive Real Estate’ and unique hexagonal property symbol.

To maintain the integrity of the brandmark the rules and standards of this section must be adhered to at all times and master artwork must always be used.

Brandmark Versions

To ensure the brandmark is successfully applied across all print and digital media, approved variations of the brandmark are available.

Hexagonal Property Symbol

The hexagonal symbol can be used in isolation when appropriate.

Print and Digital

Print (CMYK) and digital (RGB) versions have been created for all brandmarks. Master artwork must always be used.

Grayscale and solid black and white

When the full colour brandmark cannot be used, the most appropriate and suitable version for the application must be selected.

Download Brandmarks

Download from Google Drive

Full Colour – on white
Full Colour Reverse – on blue
Full Colour Reverse – on black
Greyscale – on white
Greyscale Reverse – on black
Black and White – on white
Black and White Reverse – on black
Full Colour – on white
Full Colour Reverse – on blue
Full Colour – on black

Clear Space and Minimum Size

To maintain the integrity of the brandmark clear space and minimum size rules must be adhered to at all times.

Clear Space

The clear space around the brandmark is equal to half the height of the hexagon symbol used in the brandmark. This is the area that no other elements must appear in.

Minimum Size (Print)

The minimum size is the smallest the brandmark can be used at. It must never appear smaller than 28mm across it’s width when printed.

Minimum Size (Digital)

There is no standard minimum brandmark size when used in digital media as screen resolutions and pixel density varies across devices.

However common sense should be applied when using the brandmark at small sizes.

Brandmark Clear Space
Minimum Printed Size (not shown to scale)

Incorrect Use

Do not modify the brandmark colours.

Do not modify the brandmark artwork.

Do not create sub-brands or other icons or brandmarks for company services that will compete with the master brandmark.