pre-where-the-magic-happensDo you feel secure?

Most people never feel safe in life because they simply don’t have enough money…they live paycheque to paycheque, spending most if not everything they have with little to show for it.

This is not the way to live life.

Wouldn’t you feel safer and wouldn’t life be much easier if you had enough money and assets to provide for yourself and your family?

If you are right financially it changes everything else in your life. When you are safe, you will feel you can grow.

You never want to live month by month in life and the sooner you start creating wealth the safer you’ll feel and the more fun you can have. Some people never get out of their unsafe zone, they simply don’t set themselves up for long term success.

While every investor might have different reasons why they invest, we can pretty much guarantee that the following five reasons to invest are among them.

1. Creates confidence

There’s nothing like security in your financial position to give you confidence in everything you do. You’ll feel better when you know you can meet your financial obligations not only this month but in the foreseeable future.

Investing can give you security which will manifest itself in confidence. Confidence in not only your financial position, but confidence in your abilities to attain goals and meet the needs of yourself and your family.

You’ll have the confidence to take calculated risks to expanding your wealth through money making endeavours such as starting a new business or changing your lifestyle.

2. Delivers financial freedom

pre-live-your-dreamsFreedom. To do as you choose, to chase your dreams and live life on your terms.

This is what investing can do for you.

You can meet your goals, whether they’re personal or financial in nature, it doesn’t matter. Having financial freedom extends to freedom in all areas of your life.

Instead of relying on others you’re relying on yourself to meet your needs.

And that, my friends, is a powerful thing indeed.

3. Hedges against a reduction in buying power

pre-inflation-protectionA key reason to invest is to protect yourself against inflation. If your assets are earning above the inflation rate then you can be assured that you’ll have the money you need throughout the rest of your life, regardless of whether or not you decide to retire early.

The returns you earn by investing will not only beat inflation but grow more quickly than just sitting effectively stagnant on a bank’s spreadsheet.

4. Reduces your tax

Few would argue that it’s not a good thing to reduce tax.

Investing in property can help reduce the tax you pay. This means not only is your money earning interest, more of it is coming back to you to use as you desire.

5. Requires you to pay attention

Life can get really busy and the more responsibilities we have the busier it can get.

If we’re not investing, it can get all too easy to fall into complacency and pay little to no attention to how we’re managing our finances.

Investing requires us to know our financial position, understand our leverage capacity and set aside the money we need to both meet our obligations and grow our wealth.

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