Property investment education that gets your property portfolio on track.

Property investment education that gets your property portfolio on track.


Our property investment education provides Clients with expert advice, industry leading resources, up-to-date market data, and one to one access to professional and experienced Property Investment Advisers.


Property investment is both rewarding and challenging.

Since the beginning of the millennium teaching more than 9,000 clients we know the only way to successfully navigate the ever changing property market is for investors to be educated and supported by an experienced team.

What’s included in the program

One to One Coaching
Investment Action Plan
Monthly Workshops
Latest Market Data
Exclusive Property Deals
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Working face to face, one to one with a property coach will be the key to your investment education and maximising your results.

Your Property Coach will have a deep and evolving understanding of both your present circumstances and your desires for the future.

You’ll meet regularly as you move through your dedicated, custom property investment strategy, ensuring that it grows and changes with you.

  • Personalised plan to achieve your goals
  • One to one monthly meetings
  • Direct phone and email access
  • Single point of contact
Conversation bubbles


Developing your personalised strategy with your dedicated Property Coach is just the beginning…

Strategy without action won’t help you. The step-by-step Action Plan developed with your Property Coach is designed, especially for you, to constantly be moving towards your goals and be your ongoing property investment educator.

  • A step-by-step action plan
  • Short and long term goals for you to achieve
  • Prioritised tasks


Your education doesn’t stop with your coach… You will have access to an unprecedented amount of information, services, resources and events.

Every month you can attend education workshops that feature industry speakers, presentations from CEO Sam Saggers, Founder Jason Whitton, the latest market updates, reports and research.

Each month you can choose how involved you want to be. We recommend that you get involved with all workshops and specialty events to get the most out of your education and investing. We also run ongoing property investment seminars to get you started today. 

  • Monthly formal workshops
  • Investment tours
  • Industry speakers
  • Weekend informal workshops
  • Market updates


From finance regulations, market shifts, property hotspots to interest rate changes, property investment is an ever-changing landscape…

We invest significant resources for access to the best information from top industry experts so that we ensure you are always up-to-date with the information that matters.

  • Latest market data
  • Property reports and research
  • Suburb hotspots
  • Economic and investment trends


Through Positive Real Estate you’ll have access to properties produced by Australia’s top developers…

Additionally, you’ll have at your fingertips top flight analysis and due diligence reports for all kinds of property…  House and land, off-the-plan, existing inventory, duplexes, units.

Positive Real Estate has an in-house expert for every type of investment property, to support you through the purchase process.

  • Access to exclusive property deals
  • Full market analysis and due diligence
  • Work one to one with a property consultant
  • Contract and purchase support services available
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When it’s not all plain sailing…

it’s good to know you have an expert team to help you navigate safely.

When it’s not all plain sailing…

it’s good to know you have an expert team to help you navigate safely.

Who is the program suitable for?

I am new to investing

Getting the fundamentals right when investing is crucial and with so much conflicting information and strategies it’s not always easy to take that first step by yourself.

Our program caters for first time investors who are looking for help to get their investing started the right way.

I am already investing

Going it alone in the investing market can be hard work, and learning by trial and error can be slow and expensive.

Our program enables you to work with a team of experts to ensure you are taking your existing portfolio in the right direction and building on it with your future investments.

Do you want to learn more?

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