Get the right property for your investment strategy.

Get the right property for your investment strategy.

We source investment property across Australia for our Education Program Clients.
Lead by CEO Sam Saggers since 2001, our in-house property acquisitions team has been consistently securing the best properties to match our Clients’ investment strategies.

What we do

Due Diligence
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We have developed strong relationships with Australia’s leading property developers. This enables our Clients’ to access high quality properties at all price ranges and keep them secure and on track with their investing.

The majority of these properties are provided exclusively to our Clients and are not made available to the wider public through mainstream real estate channels.

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Finding quality properties in the right investment market at the right price is only part of what we do.

Our acquisitions team ensure that strict due diligence is conducted on every property. This includes market research, building and pest inspections, legal and town planning enquires.

Years of experience has taught us what to look for and which properties to avoid.

On average for every 20 properties we review only one will meet all of our requirements.

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The purchase process can be daunting with many differences between contract types and requirements across Australia.

This is why we have an in-house legal contracts team to guide you through your property purchase and settlement.

Support doesn’t end at settlement, Positive Real Estate owns a franchise in Richardson & Wrench (R&W), Australia’s oldest real estate company.

This enables us to extend our support services from investment real estate into mainstream real estate services.

Now you can have access to property management, re-sale services, and market appraisals/updates as your portfolio grows.

Who can use our services?

Education Program Clients
Our services are exclusively for our Education Program Clients.

Access to investment properties does not come at an additional fee per purchase or other similar costs charged by a traditional buyers agency service.

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