The Urban Property Investor podcast with host Sam Saggers brings together the latest news, strategies and ideas to help grow your personal wealth from investing in real estate.

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Looking for a daily update on creating the wealth of your dreams?

Then you’re in the right place! Join Jason Whitton for a daily coffee and chat about all things wealth.

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Each week Tabitha Bright gets to speak to property investors from around Australia about their investing journeys. Our hope is that from these incredible investors, your own investing journey is made that little bit easier.

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Latest Episodes

Election Special for Property Investors

On this episode of Urban Property Investor I look into the election and tell you what the parties are saying about the riveting rollercoaster that is the real estate marketplace right now. Will they fix our problems? Or will they continue to add onto the inflation that is already occurring nationwide?

Grab your voting sheets and get ready to hustle down onto the marketplace and see where these nutty politicians can take us on this episode of Urban Property Investor.

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From Master Procrastinator to 4 Properties with Geoff McGuinness

Geoff McGuinness is a reformed master procrastinator. As someone who loved the idea of investing but equally feared the idea of debt, he made some decisions (and paid the price of waiting) that only took him further backwards in his attempt to move forward. Despite these setbacks (which he explains in the podcast), he’s found the inner strength and resolve – and knowledge – to make some incredible decisions. Now with four properties under his belt and more than $1.5 million in healthy and leveraged debt, Geoff shares his experiences in this insightful conversation.

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