The Urban Property Investor podcast with host Sam Saggers brings together the latest news, strategies and ideas to help grow your personal wealth from investing in real estate.

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Looking for a daily update on creating the wealth of your dreams?

Then you’re in the right place! Join Jason Whitton for a daily coffee and chat about all things wealth.

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Each week Tabitha Bright gets to speak to property investors from around Australia about their investing journeys. Our hope is that from these incredible investors, your own investing journey is made that little bit easier.

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Latest Episodes

Property Investing 101’s

Welcome to episode 101. In line with today’s episode number, what better time to take you through the 101s of property investing than today!

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or only starting your property investing journey, you’ll find some cracking tips and lessons on this ep.

From understanding growth, banks, the media and the real estate supply chain, there’s no stone unturned in this 101s of investing episode.

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From Teenage Investor to Property Consultant

Mel Alba purchased her first investment property when she was 19. And it wasn’t in the circumstances that you may think.

On this episode, Mel shares the full range of her experiences in real estate and investing, including working with Metricon, investing with family, relationship breakups and the corresponding financial impact, and so much more.

If you’re looking for a linear story of success then this is episode is not for you! But if you’re curious as to how the highs and lows work in real estate, and the influence of our personal life on our financial decisions, then you’ll love this chat with Mel Alba.

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