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Tax Tips for Property Investors

It’s Often Said Only Two Things In Life Are Certain- Death And Taxes. If you want to squeeze every cent from your portfolio there are things you need to do and have in place before you go to your accountant. Our advice every year is…

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3 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong On Valuation Day

Despite the thoughts which some experienced investors might harbour in their hearts – valuers are people too! They’re not “out to get you” as an investor, they’re simply doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, often getting squeezed by various parties in the process.d with good money management is a powerful force. No matter what your income…

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How to Forecast Investment Growth?

When you see a market with what we call “yield variation” against norm, then it’s worth a look. What is yield variation? Well, it’s when the current rental yield has a large variance compared to the 10-year average. It can either be positive or negative.

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What Is the Secret Saving of Building

As an investor sometimes you really just want location... but it's out of your budget, so what will you do? One way is to save on stamp duty! How? Well, when you buy land and construct a house, you only pay stamp duty on the land portionand not the total price. If you...

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