Property Investment Seminars

The Comprehensive Property Investment Seminar

Kick start your portfolio with a complimentary property investment seminar from Positive Real Estate! Our events are suitable for all experience levels, and they provide the skills you need to invest with confidence.

Complimentary Property Investment Courses

The team at Positive Real Estate believes property education is essential for investors at every stage of the journey.
Our complimentary property investment courses are designed to equip clients with the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to make informed decisions.

We cater to all levels of experience! If you’re a seasoned investor, or looking for your first property, Positive Real Estate’s interactive courses can help you achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible.

Seminars are approximately 2 hours long and are available throughout Australia and New Zealand. Check the availability in your area or contact us to find out more.

What You Can Gain From Our Property Investment Seminars

Industry Insights

Our seminars equip investors with up to date information about local property markets, financing, interest rates and insights from our experienced team.

Market Analysis

Learn more about Australia’s biggest rental boom and how you can spot good investments in the right locations, even in a rising interest rate market.

Investment Strategies

We discuss investment strategies in detail to help you understand the options available and how you can maximise return on your investment.

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Property Courses Offered by Positive Real Estate Include:

Property Investor Masterclass

These two-hour complimentary webinars are an intensive seminar that benefits first time buyers and sophisticated investors alike.

Seminars equip investors with information about properties, financing, economic conditions and investment strategies that will allow you to generate the most profit from your portfolio.
We offer complimentary property seminars on a monthly basis throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Each seminar is tailored to suit your local market, so we encourage you to attend a seminar that’s being hosted in your city or region.

Our property investment courses cover every stage of the journey, from finding and financing the deal to developing a strategy that maximises investment returns.

These seminars provide expert advice that can save you thousands of dollars and put you on the fast track to success!


Who Are Our Property Investment Seminars For?

I am New to Investing

Positive Real Estate seminars cater for first time investors who are looking to get started the right way. Our seminars and courses are perfect for new investors looking to build fundamental skills and gain the confidence to invest.

I am Already Investing

Growing your portfolio can be a challenge. If you are struggling to take the next step, buy the next property or make the most of your existing investments, our seminars provide insights and practical skills to help you succeed.


Get the Winning Edge with a Real Estate Investment Course

Our real estate investment courses take a unique approach to education. We don’t just throw facts and figures at you – our sessions are engaging, and they’re designed to get you “doing”.

Study after study has proven that hands-on experience is the best way for most people to learn. This is the approach we take in our real estate investment seminars.

In addition to theory, we teach investors the practical application of the skills we’re teaching. That gives you insight into how it’s actually done, so you have the winning edge in your property investment journey.

Find Out About Our Lifetime Mentoring Program

The Lifetime Mentoring Program is an action-based program that provides ongoing support on a daily and monthly basis to help investors succeed.

If you have previously completed one of our real estate seminars, the lifetime mentoring program is your next step!

Lifetime mentoring is our premium investment education service. It allows you to team up with Australia’s best, most experienced property mentors. We will personally guide and support you as you build a profitable real estate portfolio.

Membership is for the lifetime of your investment journey. It includes fortnightly lunch and learn webinars, coaching calls, physical property and development tours, and more. You also gain access to one-on-one strategy sessions and support as needed via phone, email and SMS.