Property Investing Seminars

The team at Positive Real Estate strongly believe that property investment education is essential for all investors. Our aim is to equip our clients with the support, knowledge and skillsnecessary to make informed strategic decisions when it comes to buying an investment property as we know that this is the difference between owning one property and a multi-million dollar portfolio.

Learn About Buying An Investment Property

Positive Real Estate’s property courses and property seminars educate investors in a way they have not experienced before. Study after study has proven that “doing” is the best way for most people to learn. This is the approach we have taken with our property investment seminars and education programs.

In addition to theory, we make sure we teach investors the practical application of how it is actually done so the next step is to take action and confidently invest in property.

Catering for all levels of experience, Positive Real Estate’s interactive property courses aim to have investors reaching their maximum potential and achieving maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Appointments are confidential and can be done in person at one of our nationwide offices or via phone.

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Property Courses Offered by Positive Real Estate Include:

Property Investor Education Nights

These two-hour complimentary evenings are an intensive seminar for the benefit of both first time buyers and sophisticated investors.

They equip investors with an up to date analysis of all the markets in Australia, the types of deals currently available to investors and the investment strategies that will allow investors to generate the most profit from their portfolios.

These complimentary property seminars are run monthly right across Australia and New Zealand.

The seminars include a range of information from finding the deal, financing the deal, to making the offer and maximising investment returns. These seminars put investors on the fast track to success. This is expert instruction that can save investors thousands of dollars.

Seminars are approx 2 hours long, and are available nationwide. Please check availability in your location.

Lifetime Mentoring Program

The Lifetime Mentoring Program is an action-based program that provides ongoing support on a daily and monthly basis to help investors through the minefield of property investing. This is our premium investment education service that allows you to team up with Australia’s best, mot experienced property mentors who will personally guide and support you as you build a profitable real estate portfolio.

It is a lifetime membership that includes monthly educational workshops, ongoing private consultations with property mentors and finance brokers and daily support as required by phone, email and SMS.