What does financial independence look like to you? Is gaining freedom with your finances worth the effort it takes to get there?

Only you can be the judge of that.

But no matter what you think you may (or may not) want to give up to achieve financial freedom, there are a number of things that many property investors agree that financial independence gives them.

It’s what gets them out of bed every morning and it’s what helps them sleep well at night. Would you like to enjoy some of these reasons for gaining financial independence?

1. Financial independence gives you REAL job security

There are no true guarantees in life, but having financial independence comes pretty close. No matter how indispensable your boss might say you are, things can and do change.

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2. Financial independence frees you to LEAVE the rat race!

Property investing gives you the freedom to explore opportunities to pursue your passion. When you remove the need for a regular pay check you open up possibilities to explore things that you’ve always wanted to do but never imagined you would be able to pursue.


3. Financial independence puts you in a position to HELP others.

Think about certain charities or organisations you’ve been unable to help – either financially or personally – because of the constrains on your time and income.

Now imagine how amazing it would feel to be able to spend both your finances and your time on those issues which mean the most to you.

Financial freedom can give you that feeling!


4. Financial independence gives you the FREEDOM to work YOUR way.

Love the 9 to 5 schedule?

Then keep it!working from home


Of course many people prefer different kinds of working arrangements. Some like to work from home, others like to work from a coffee shop, still others prefer flex time, working both at the office and at home when it suits their schedule.


When you’re financially free you can choose the kind of work you want to do. You can leverage – and build – those skills, talents and interests that uniquely define you and what you love.

5. Financial independence FREES you to take risks at work

When you’re financially independent you can do something outside of the norm for your employer – or for yourself as a self-employed – and not fear losing your job – or client(s) because you took a risk.


6. Financial Independence gives you extra spending money to ENJOY your life

Life is way too short to miss out on fun things! Granted, you want to be smart with how you spend your money, but there’s no reason you cannot use a bit of extra cash every now and then to do something fun.


Financial Independence gives you extra spending money to ENJOY your life

7. Financial independence lets you retire EARLY

Retirement is not the same thing as financial independence, however you shouldn’t try to retire without financial independence.


If you’re financially independent then you can choose to move your retirement date to any point in your life you desire…forties, fifties…whenever you choose!


8. Financial independence gives you TIME to spend with those you love

Arguably, I’d say that what matters most at the end of our lives is the relationships we’ve nourished and the legacy we leave behind.



Financial independence will give you the time to spend with your family now, and will allow you to provide for their needs once you’ve gone.


A never-ending gift to those you love.

Get started now!


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