A survey of more than a thousand Aussies reveals that we’ve plans to save more money this year.

The chart below breaks down what we’re planning to do with all of this savings.



Now granted, this survey was just a small portion of the population, but it’s interesting to note that nearly as many individuals plan to save for a “rainy day” as do those saving for a holiday.

This seems to indicate that more of us are realising the need to save for our future, which is fabulous.

However, while having cash on hand is a fantastic way to stay debt free when emergencies arise, it doesn’t really help us with our long term financial needs.

What happens when that cash in the bank runs out?

You know the answer of course…we’re tapped out.

But what if we used some of that savings towards an asset class that will grow in value over time?

Think about it.

The rate of return on that money sitting in the bank is far less than the capital growth returns available in the marketplace.

So what will outpace the returns of our savings account?

Property investment, of course.

However, not just any property will do. We can show you the key factors to consider when looking for an investment property.

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Here’s our own CEO Sam Saggers sharing the same 10 point checklist our acquisitions department uses when they find quality properties for our clients:

Sam’s right. Real estate investing might seem like a less “glamorous” way to create wealth than say, digging for gold, but it’s a well proven strategy just the same.

So then, what should these money saving Aussies do with their savings?

Invest it, of course!

Over time, your investment properties will grow in value, and as you pay off the leverage you used to acquire these assets, the steady drip of income from each combines into a steady flow of revenue to fund your lifestyle.

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