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What Is the Secret Saving of Building

As an investor sometimes you really just want location... but it's out of your budget, so what will you do? One way is to save on stamp duty! How? Well, when you buy land and construct a house, you only pay stamp duty on the land portionand not the total price. If you...

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How We Built Our Portfolio On Incomes Of Just 40k

Bianca and Matthew, in their mid-thirties, are the king and queen of budgeting. The couple have built up a diverse property portfolio of five different properties in four different states, despite being on an income of less than $40,000 each. Their portfolio is valued at over $1,600,000 today.

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3 Simple Rules To Joint Venture Success

Sometimes it pays to go it alone when investing in property. Sometimes it doesn’t. Knowing what to do if you choose to partner up with others to invest by means of a joint partnership is vital to your success – both in terms of finances and relationships.

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