Buying An Investment Property Off The Plan

An off the plan purchase is when investors buy a property (usually an apartment) before it is actually built – settlement occurs once the building is complete. Many investors choose these properties as it allows them to pay only a minimal deposit. It is often expected that the market will rise before settlement, and therefore they can obtain capital growth over the settlement period, without having to actually outlay a lot of money. These properties are becoming increasingly common, however there are a lot that won’t actually make you any money.
Here at Positive Real Estate, we are the experts when it comes to identifying the most profitable of these properties – and we can also determine which ones you are best to steer clear of. There are many crucial elements that make up a profitable OTP deal, and we can show exactly what they are.

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Property Investment Seminars for Buying Off the Plan

Our informative property seminars can provide you with accurate, up-to-the-minute advice. Our Property Investor Night is free of charge, and will provide you with advice on the following:

  • How to find and negotiate profitable deals
  • How to to know which markets are likely to have better investment opportunities
  • How to continue investing through interest rate rises,
  • How to minimise risk as an investor,
  • How the property cycle works and how to get the most out of each stage
  • What is positive cashflow and where to find positive geared properties
  • How to use your equity to invest, without endangering your home

Our seminars are available in all states, and they are run by hand-picked Investment Coaches. These coaches are incredible investors themselves, and understand the markets inside out.

Advice You Can Trust

Whether you want to know more about these specific investments, or property investment in general, our seminars will provide you with the information you need. Whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to expand your portfolio, our company will steer you in the right direction.

If you would like to know more about our seminars, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form, and we’ll get back to you about upcoming seminars in your local area.