Carolyn Weston

Property Investment Adviser

Why I like my job: Connection with people first and foremost. Being creative to find a way to get a good result. The travel is fun, seeing the ever-changing Tasmanian countryside and meeting so many lovely people has been the very best part. I am continually learning, never a dull moment being a coach, as you never know the next story that presents and how you will be able to help!

Qualifications offical:
FNSIAD301A ~ RG146 Financial Planning Property Investment (General Advice)
FNS40811 ~ Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking
CPP40307 ~ Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate Agents Representative)
Sales Excellence – Sourcing Clients Course via Mentor Education
Credit Rep Number: 502376
Member of CIO (Credit & Investments Ombudsman)
Member of the REIT (Real Estate Institute of Tasmania)

Life qualifications: Mum, friend, sister, aunt and member of a pretty crazy family which qualifies you in many different professions! Would like to think I’m skilled in time management – juggling work, personal investing, renovating & special time for family Sunday roasts.

Past Life Qualifications: What? Was there a life outside Positive Real Estate? No, seriously, I had actually my own business as a Dressmaker, Tailor and Designer making wedding dresses. Also designed children’s clothing for a period and ran my own company employing over 15 staff for more than 10 years where my range was accepted by David Jones at one point! Proud achievement but eventually turned my attentions to property investment.

Interests: V8 Supercars (Holden of course), AFL footy (Western Bulldogs), cooking, live music and chocolate!

Hidden talents: Renovation, car racing and cooking!

Special Coaching Skill: Compassion and empathy, but most of all encouragement, support along with determination to find a way to get the result we want.

Time with PRE: Time with PRE: Client with PRE since 2007. A Coach for PRE since 2010.

Number Properties you own and where: I have had a strategy over the years of buy at a discount, add-value and sell, with the strategy of paying down PPOR debt. I have personally purchased more than 10 properties over the years, but currently hold 3, with the focus now being on the ‘right’ ones for my retirement plan. Quality over quantity.

How long you have been investing in real estate: 12 years. Started as a single Mum of 2 young teenagers whilst earning less than $35K per year. The strategy was buy at a discount, add-value by way of renovation or strata and then either pull out equity to go again or sell. During the 12 years, there was also a gap due to changing job structure which set me back about 4 years. In that time I made it my mission to help others, which led me to joining Positive Real Estate and the rest is history!

Worst deal: Elizabeth East, SA – 50+ yr old house, purchased for $215K and sold $215K 10 years later. The idea at the time was add-value by way of tidy up and then sub-divide and build on the back. Just because it has a 1000m2 block doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the right one for sub-division…. Lessons for novice investors! – Wrong area, wrong demographics, high unemployment and to make it worse a few years later a development was opened up a few suburbs away building cheap brand new homes for under $300K, so why would anyone want a new home on the back of a 50 year old ex-commission home for the same price? They wouldn’t, so the grand plan never went ahead and the property was sold 10 years later for exactly the same as the purchase price… did I mention it was completely break even the whole time, so really did not gain a brass razoo! Lesson is – do your homework. Don’t buy to just add another property to the list to be able to say to people I have lots of properties, it’s about what they do for you, not how many you have.

Biggest lesson: Find someone who has done what you want to do successfully and learn from their experience. Thinking I could cut corners and save a penny or two is not always the fastest way to the best result. I love Sam’s saying …”you pay for your education one way or another”….

Passionate About: Cars, football, cooking, gardening, real estate strategy.

How many PRE properties do you own: 1

Favourite Saying: “If there’s a will there’s a way”

Favorite Movie: Fast & Furious and a couple of Netflix Series – The Last Kingdom and Ozark.

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Book: Power of the Subconscious Mind.

Favourite Holiday Location: Camping at Bright VIC with friends, and my favorite overseas location is Tuscany for the villages, the people, the landscape and buildings and phenomenal flavours in the food and fabulous wine, oh my goodness I could go on. Think I need to go back!