Emily Storey
Emily Storey

Property Strategist

Meet Emily Storey, a Property Strategist passionate about guiding people to grow their wealth through smart property investments. With qualifications in real estate and a deep knowledge of information services, Emily brings a broad perspective to her role.

Her real estate journey began when she remodelled her first home at 18, confirming her love for property and design. She initially worked in interiors and architecture sales, moving on to represent property developers in Melbourne. Her focus eventually shifted to long-term investment and development, realising this was where her true passion lay.

Now working at Positive, Emily is dedicated to helping others on their property investment journeys. She owns a property in Malmsbury, VIC, and has navigated both successful and challenging market conditions. Her most successful deal involved selling development at the market’s peak, capitalising on regional demand and favourable interest rates. On the flip side, her first property sale taught her the value of holding on to properties longer to maximise gains.

Emily’s passion extends beyond just making deals; she’s deeply interested in how living spaces can enhance well-being. She believes in staying curious, open to learning, and never making assumptions.