Hayley Beavis

Property Strategist

Hayley embarked on her journey towards securing her future through property investing from a young age. At the age of 23, she purchased her first investment property, expanding her portfolio to 5 properties by the age of 28. Fast forward to today, Hayley is excited and confident about her future retirement goals.

Her professional journey in Real Estate commenced as a Mentoring Assistant to the Head of Coaching at Positive Real Estate in 2016. It was during this pivotal role that she discovered her passion for property education, leading to a seamless transition into the position of Property Strategist in Queensland. Embracing a philosophy of continuous personal development and education, Hayley remains dedicated to enhancing her capabilities to better serve her clients, family, and friends.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Hayley finds solace and joy in travel and the great outdoors. Weekends are often spent exploring new destinations and enjoying camping adventures alongside her partner Corey and their beloved dog, Jessie. Relocating from Melbourne to Brisbane in 2018 has opened up a world of exploration, with Hayley relishing in the beauty of Queensland’s beaches, rivers, and lakeside retreats.

Hayley is very passionate about helping people achieve their dreams of building wealth through property and brings with her valuable insights, knowledge and experience of the industry to her clients. 

Professional qualifications:
Certificate IV in Finance: 452118
– Certificate of Registration Number: 4305317

Life qualifications: Traveller, adventurer and camper. Extensive travel both domestically and internationally has given me an amazing insight into Australian and International cultures. 

Interests: Travel, camping and socialising over great food and wine. 

Hidden talents: I must have been a hairdresser in my past life as I can give a great haircut.

Special Coaching skill: Adaptable, understanding and organised. 

Time with PRE: I joined the PRE Team in October 2016.

Number properties you own and where: 5 properties; 4 in Brisbane, 1 in Melbourne. 

How long you have been investing in real estate: Since 2017.

Best deal: Aspley, Brisbane. Purchased a Townhouse and received developer/government incentives meaning our deposits were minimal. The property has seen fantastic growth allowing us to move forward (happy dance!)!

Passionate about: Living a fulfilling life.

Do you own PRE properties?: Yes, 4 out of the 5 properties have been purchased through PRE.

Favourite saying: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Favourite movie: Any comedy.

Favourite holiday location: Any holiday by the water is a great one for me.