Buying An Investment Property That’ll Grow Your Wealth

At Positive Real Estate, we provide both our members and the general public with access to a number of quality investment opportunities, which are suitable for differing strategies and varying markets across Australia.

Our experienced Acquisitions Team undertake strict due diligence and research when they come across a new investment property opportunity, before passing on properties to clients.

Our Main Objective Is To:

  • Save you money and time
  • Provide you with support and assistance throughout the duration of the contract process
  • Assist you in starting and then building upon your real estate portfolio

Choose The Real Estate Experts You Can Trust

The team here at Positive Real Estate has been providing this service to investors across Australia since 2003. Our team has participated in more than 3,000 property transactions, and thanks to our extensive experience we have managed to establish a credible reputation in the investment market. We strive to build strong relationships with developers, project managers, agents and business owners, as this allows us to negotiate with developers and secure the best deals for our valued clients.

Buying Investment Properties: The Basics

With Positive Real Estate, choosing the right investment property is straightforward:

1. Select A Property

Are you wondering where to buy an investment property? At Positive Real Estate, we provide our clients with exclusive access to a wide range of investment properties. These are listed internally via email newsletters, webinars and also on our website. Once you have met with a coach and finance broker, you will be assigned a private manager to discuss which options are best suited to your needs and budget. Once you’ve chosen a property, a Property Investment Report (PIR) for the property in question will be sent to you via email.

The PIR contains the following:

  • Local area profiles
  • Photographs
  • Property data including estimated costs
  • Recent and historical area sales information
  • Real estate analysis and estimated returns
  • Estimated rental opinions
  • Expected lending ratios
  • Detailed information on the property
  • Estimated income and expenditure

2. Yes, I Want To Buy

If you have decided to buy an investment property, you will need to fill out a Purchasing Agency Agreement (PAA) or an Expression of Interest (EOI), and also pay a holding deposit. Once the holding deposit confirmation AND the signed PAA or EOI forms have been received, the property will be reserved for you. The Property Consultant will then contact you directly and let you know if your application was successful.

3. What Now?

Once your application is confirmed, the vendor’s solicitor sends conditional contracts* to a solicitor (buyer’s choice) so that you can receive professional legal advice in regards to the contract. A cooling off period of 5 to 21 days is then served, depending on the contracted terms (and signing the conditional contract). During this period, due diligence is carried out – this includes a pest and building inspection.

4. Will Some

one Guide Me Through The Process?

When buying an investment property, you will have a dedicated Exchanges and Settlements Manager throughout the contract process; they will support and guide you. Once you have submitted the PAA or EOI, the Exchanges and Settlements Manager will get in touch with you and provide you with an Action Plan, which is designed to help you prepare for the contract process.


The Exchanges and Settlements Manager will also manage the following:

  • Liaise with your lender or finance broker and submit all documents for the finance application
  • Organise pest and building inspections if necessary
  • Provide you with access details for valuation
  • Provide you with regular construction updates for properties bought off the plan
  • Liaise with solicitors, agents and conveyancers to ensure the smooth processing of exchanges and settlements
  • Assist you with final inspections and property management if required

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Buying investment properties can be daunting – especially for first time investors. Positive Real Estate can guide you through the process from start to finish, alleviating stress and allowing you to take on a real estate investment with confidence.

We take the stress out of buying with informative fast-track seminars and mentoring programs, equipping you with the information you need to maximise your potential in the market.

Here at Positive Real Estate, we offer clients a broad range of investment properties from across the country. We pre-negotiate each property, and undertake a comprehensive due diligence process before any investment opportunities are released for viewing by clients. This ensures that only appropriate investment properties are made available.

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