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How to Successfully Airbnb Your Property

Apr 1, 2024 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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My guest today is one of our fabulous coaches Megan Wolfenden. And she specialised in Airbnb hosting, so she has made some incredible cash flow via two of her properties being Airbnb, and she’s just added another one to her portfolio of short term stays. So Megan is going to take us through everything that you need to know to successfully create fabulous cash flow for your portfolio by Airbnb. Enjoy this conversation with Megan.

0:00 – Airbnb investing and cash flow management.

3:26 – Airbnb investment strategies and property selection.

9:25 – Setting up short-term rental properties in Australia.

16:23 – Airbnb hosting tips and regulations.

22:17 – Airbnb investing strategies and tips.

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