How You Can Be 3-7 Years Away From A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio

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Many of us did not get the privilege of learning how to become financially abundant during our schooling years – in fact, the education curriculum didn’t even cover taxes let alone how to structure a basic budget. It’s no wonder then that so many people don’t realise how close they are to being able to create a multi-million dollar property portfolio that has the potential to set them up for life!

Let’s explore this further. 

Using real estate to become a successful property investor is underpinned by one very important philosophy – profits are better than wages.

Fundamentally, we get into the game to make money from steady and increasing income which creates a profit from the properties we own. On the other hand, wages are money exchanged for time, skills and labour. You don’t put in the hard yakka – you don’t get paid. 

For some this may be ok, but for others there comes a time in life when they’re ready to work less hours for someone else, to concentrate on other things they love while still getting paid. 

The answer to this equation is real estate. 


The goal of property investors in the market is to target optimistic returns. 

If you fully accept that profits are better than wages, it will serve you well for a lifetime. I wish somebody had taught it to me at school, but I went for 12 years without hearing it once. It wasn’t even mentioned at the real estate college I attended. 

Understand that companies, banks and institutions are all hunting profits and that they’re all hunting in the same safari park as you – the Australian property market. 

Yes, learning how to create your own profits comes with time and experience but the payoff is worth it. 


However, this does beg the question – if property investing is such a smart and lucrative profit making machine then why don’t more people do it? As a professional who’s worked in the industry all my life, it still surprises me that more people aren’t scrambling to have a cluster of properties all working for them to generate passive income. The reality is that for most, owning multiple properties simply feels out of reach. 

On top of this, many don’t know where to begin when it comes to creating long-term sustainable wealth for themselves. 


You would think that in the privileged country of Australia, wealth creation would be passed down from one generation to the next; a parent would coach their child and so on. 

These invaluable lessons and strategies would find themselves into the education system and we, as a nation, would empower our citizens with the sensible means of becoming prosperous! 

However, very few people obtain the necessary education to make sound financial decisions. For many of us – our upbringing did not embrace the art of wealth creation. For the majority of Australians, the success that is ‘making money’ is entirely misunderstood and seems unattainable. 

I mean, one can go to school and be educated for 12 years in Australia and still graduate with no economic understanding whatsoever. 

So, we actually have to seek the knowledge as we grow. 


When I realised that I could create riches by using controlled debt, and leverage it into real estate to make millions, naturally my world changed forever. 

Yours can too! 

The only caveat is that you need to have an open mind. I want you to recognise that no matter what your background; there are major opportunities available to you through real estate, but you have to be willing to grab them with both hands. 


A person with drive and initiative is no more than three to seven years away from a multi-million dollar and self-sustaining property portfolio. It just takes support from the right people to get you started. 

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Sam Saggers

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