Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran

Property Strategist

Meet Kevin Tran, a standout in the real estate scene with his eyes set on diversifying cities and property portfolios. Armed with a License Agent in Real Estate and a Degree in Marketing, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and a strategic approach to his work.

Kevin is known for his calm demeanour, patience, and exceptional listening and communication skills, qualities that have served him well both in life and his profession. He’s not just about making deals; he’s about making meaningful connections and ensuring every transaction is smooth and successful.

In Melbourne, Kevin has developed and sold two properties, showcasing his knack for identifying and capitalising on lucrative opportunities. One of his proudest professional moments came during the challenging times of Covid, where he successfully wrote over $500K for his company in just six months.

However, not all deals have been smooth sailing. Kevin recalls a nomination sale from 12 years ago as his toughest challenge, dealing with a tough vendor. But every experience has been a learning opportunity, reinforcing his belief in working hard and maintaining integrity in every transaction.

“The tide waits for no man!” – a reminder of seizing opportunities and acting with purpose and integrity. With his combination of industry savvy, ethical business practices, and a commitment to excellence, Kevin Tran is a name synonymous with trust and success in the property market.