Louise Carr

Team Leader – Property Investment Adviser

Meet Louise, a seasoned expert in the property investment and finance sectors. With 28 years of experience in the industry and over 15 years coaching and mentoring, Louise has a wealth of specialised knowledge and a passion for empowering others to grow their wealth through strategic property investment. To date, Louise has facilitated over $1 billion in property investment transactions and mentored thousands of Australian families on their wealth-building journey.

Louise personally owns a multi-million dollar portfolio across Australia and has been investing since her early 20’s.Louise, as an investor herself understands that the key to wise and profitable acquisitions lies in carefully curated information and a combination of analytics, research, and intelligence. That’s why Louise has aligned herself with Positive Real Estate, an Australian industry leader in real estate investing renowned for securing safe and profitable investment properties.

As a keynote speaker, Louise’s thought-provoking insights and dynamic delivery style have consistently received positive reactions from audiences. Louise has a talent for breaking down complex concepts into simple and actionable steps, making her presentations both engaging and informative. Louise strives to deliver value to those she speaks to, leaving them inspired and equipped with new knowledge and perspectives.

At Positive Real Estate, Louise utilises the Lifetime Mentoring & Education Program to offer a personalised experience for each client. This highly successful program is designed to cater to each individual’s specific situation and goals, providing tailored education and mentorship to help them achieve their wealth aspirations. With a focus on building lasting relationships, Louise works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and help them reach their full potential.