Megan Wolfenden

Property Investment Adviser

I live on the Gold Coast with my husband of 32 years, 2 teenage boys and spoodle puppy. After growing up in Sydney and living in the US for 10 years we decided that the Gold Coast was where we wanted to live for lifestyle but we invest in property all over Australia. In the past we sold properties we should have held on to but we didn’t have the benefit of the teachings of PRE. Every Australian property we have bought was a great investment though.

I have known Jason and Shay Whitton for over 12 years and have seen their business with Sam Saggers grow and grow and grow. During that time I was a business owner, investor, 2 times International Best-selling Author and successful in Network Marketing. In 2017 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and couldn’t work for quite a while. But to keep busy I became a graduate of Ultimate Coach Pro, 2 other coaching certificates, I became a JP and got my Real Estate Licence and Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

I joined Positive in 2019 because I love the philosophy so much and really enjoy coaching clients to reach their financial and life goals. I keep my clients on track especially when they get distracted and need a reminder on WHY they are building their real estate portfolio. It is important to me to see my clients build financial security and a buffer so they can sleep well at night and enjoy the prospect of retirement with great passive income.

BSc in Anatomy and Pharmacology
Graduate UCPRO coaching
Graduate Rapid Coaching Academy
Accelerated Coaching Certification
Cert IV in Finance
REIQ Registration
Justice of the Peace (Cdec)

2 times International Best Selling Author
Black Diamond with MonaVie
Diamond with Jeunesse

Interests: Travel, reading, Netflix and watching my kids play soccer. Comedy nights with friends and laughing lots (LMFAO).

Hidden Talents: booking incredible adventures around the world at great prices.

Special Coaching Skill: Helping people through the rough patches so they stay on their path to success.

Time with PRE: 3 years as a client and 1 year as a coach.

Number of properties: 98 in my lifetime but now only 3 quality properties in QLD and VIC plus 3 more in the pipeline.

How long have you been investing in Real Estate: Since 1995.

Best Deal: Saw a luxury Waterfront for sale but badly marketed so bought it at a steel. Lived in it 3 years and made $660K capital gains tax free.

Worst Deal: In the US bought a 49 unit complex. The area became dangerous and the quality tenants moved away. It became a low income area and we lost well over $1,000,000 on the property but did not go bankrupt. Eventually sold at a huge loss but paid the bank back what we owed and started again.

Biggest Lesson: Is to do due diligence on every aspect of a property and the area and surrounding infrastructure and businesses. Don’t feel stuck in a deal. If you lose your deposit it is not the end of the world if you back out if the numbers don’t stack up.

Passionate about: Showing people they are special and life is to be cherished.

Favorite saying: The important things always get done (This stops me stressing out about the volume of things I need to do)

Favorite Move: Love Actually (or the whole Harry Potter collection)

Favorite Colour: Blue

Favorite Book: Extraordinary You – A Woman’s Guide to having it all
(by Me)

Favourite Holiday Location: Anywhere with a swim up bar.