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4 Properties in 4 Years with Hayley Beavis

Oct 18, 2021 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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How does a portfolio of four properties in four years sound? Too good to be true? What if that portfolio was developed by a couple in their 20s?! Unbelievable?

Well, this Property Investor Tale is no lie. Hayley Beavis has been investing since the age of 23 and shares her investing adventure on the latest episode.

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1:53– Looking at real estate for fun

3:04– Investing in four properties in four years

4:47– Why saving is the number one priority for any investor

8:45– The earlier the better

10:49– Investing hasn’t come without bumps

13:59– Being able to step outside your comfort zone

18:37– Being able to help others

24:52– Liquidated damages

25:12– Being able to claim from the builder

27:35– Why we often like the higher risk opportunities

33:18– Setting lofty goals

I love hearing people’s property investor tales so if you’d like to share yours then please get in touch with me via email at [email protected]

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