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Buying The Wrong Properties & Still Winning with Dani & Craig Skinner

Dec 20, 2021 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Dani & Craig Skinner have an incredible life and investing story to tell. Dani was born in Ghana and grew up in Zimbabwe, and met Tahree-born Craig in Newcastle before they courted in Sydney, got married, and moved to Brisbane.

Before I knew of Dani and Craig, they had already purchased four investment properties. But they weren’t happy with their portfolio, which was a mix of older real estate in low performing areas. But having the wrong type of real estate didn’t stop Dani and Craig from keeping their eyes on the prize. Having felt like the bank “owned” them, Dani and Craig transformed their portfolio into higher performing assets and now have a sensational range of assets that is helping achieve their family, financial and lifestyle goals.

You can’t help but be inspired by this power team. Enjoy!

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3:41– The love story – starting off as friends and courting in Sydney.

6:45 – Purchasing four investment properties but not being happy with the portfolio

11:14 – Recognising the importance of depreciation (the hard way)

24:05 – Our major goal is to upgrade our PPR

29:59 – Reflecting on our first investment property

33:52– Advice to 20-year-old selves

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