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Divorce & Investing with Karen Chavez

Dec 13, 2021 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Karen Chavez has been married, divorced and remarried. The highs and lows of property investing have been intertwined through her two marriages, and at the forefront of her decision making has been the wellbeing of her children.

In this episode of Property Investor Tales, Karen gives details of her numerous investments, whilst also outlining a number of big lessons along the way.

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2:00 – Investing journey started 21 years ago. Settled on the first IP two days after giving birth!

6:15 – Negotiating your terms prior to settlement

15:53 – Separating with partner and putting children first

30:14 – One of Karen’s biggest investing lessons

34:09 – Investing has changed our lifestyle for the better

36:30 – Consolidation is really exciting

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