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How We Purchased 10 Properties with Donna Oakley Davies and Brad Davies

Nov 1, 2021 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Donna and Brad aren’t your typical married couple. Between them, they have 10 properties in Australia (plus one in England). It wasn’t always the plan to accrue so much real estate.

Their respective upbringings encouraged very different strategies, including preserving cash, investing in shares, and buying big toys like boats and cars.

But Donna and Brad have bucked the trend and instead forged ahead with an impressive portfolio that today has them in the 1% club of Australian investors who own more than 3 pieces of real estate.

Enjoy this inspiring story.

3:39 – A romance blossomed

4:02 – How did they get into property?

6:29 – The philosophy around money

11:29 – It is very labour intensive

15:51 – We had different strategies

19:44 – Important to have an organised spreadsheet

22:05 – What are the fundamentals

25:02 – Flipside to taking an opposing view

26:00 – Amassing 10 properties

26:50 – All about Gladstone

27:40 – My mind was all about debt reduction

32:33 – Why do people often think there will be no problems

34:00 – Talking with friends about real estate

35:48 – Education and mindset

39:34 – What advice would you give your younger self?

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