Stefanie Palazzolo
Stefanie Palazzolo

Sales Manager / Head of Distribution

Meet Stefanie Palazzolo, a go-getter in the real estate world who loves the community vibe and learning from top leaders in the industry. She’s all about diving deep into property sales across the country. Stefanie is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Victoria, bringing a lot of know-how to her job.

Before getting into real estate, Stefanie was a makeup artist and studied Political Science and French. Her work is her passion, especially when it involves figuring out the best sales strategies and seeing a project grow from start to finish.

She has two houses in East Brunswick and one in North Melbourne, pulling off a massive success despite market challenges. She’s had some tough deals too, but those experiences taught her a lot.

At her core, Stefanie believes in the power of building meaningful connections and working collaboratively towards common goals. She lives by the motto “Teamwork makes the dream work,” a principle that guides her personal and professional spheres.

Stefanie has taken on the exciting roles of Sales Manager and Head of Distribution at Positive Real Estate. With her vibrant background and a knack for real estate, she’s all set to lead her team to new heights, helping clients find their path to wealth and passive income through smart property choices.