Tabitha Bright

Head of Education

A 13-Year Property Coach and strategist at Positive Real Estate, Tabitha is a licensed real estate agent in NSW and VIC, and has her Cert IV in both Property Services and Finance.

She has personally coached over 600 Clients and her passion for education, property and client results focus everything she does at Positive Real Estate and we’re better for it.

Tabitha has successfully been investing in property for over 25 years, and she has a strong passion for teaching. If you’re going to spend $100,000’s buying an investment you don’t want to gamble your results buying by trial and error.

She believes that getting a great result from investing should not be complicated or daunting when you have the right team and support behind you. She now heads up the Property Coaching team Nationally for Positive Real Estate.

Job Title: Head of Coaching

Why I like my job: So many wonderful new people to meet!

Qualifications offical: NSW Real Estate Agent License 20098483
VIC Real Estate Agent Licence 078321L
Cert IV Property Services CPP40307

Life qualifications: Over 10 years coaching and working with people across all walks of life and circumstances. Having experienced both the highs and lows of investing provides plenty of empathy for the challenges and fears around learning these new skills for clients.

Past Life Qualifications: Running a successful graphic design business with my hubby, raising a daughter, moving countries with nothing but 3 t-shirts and a pair of jeans to my name.

Interests: Human Rights, Campaigning against Domestic Violence and Violence on Women, running a marathon this year (2018) and travel, travel, travel. Oh, and books – any books!!! And good coffee…

Hidden Talents: My super power is parallel parking. no matter the size of the car or the park Im the nail it one go chick.

Special Coaching Skill: Experience. it provides a solid base for seeing what many can’t and for having hard conversations if they are required and for the good of the client – with grace and empathy.

Time with PRE: Over 10 years

How long you have been investing in real estate: 15 years

Best deal: Still Dulwich Hill

Worst deal: Dual income in Dunedin NZ.

Biggest lesson: Don’t chase cash flow. Capital growth compounding over time is the winner.

Passionate About: Life, my wonderful hubby, family and my 3 cats

How many PRE properties do you own: 4

Favourite Saying: You’re a smart girl, you’ll work it out

Favorite Movie: The Secretary

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Book: Midnight’s Children, Salman Rushdie

Favourite Holiday Location: Anywhere with rolling hills and green grass…